4 Benefits of Using a VPN When Surfing the Internet

Hello everyone, back at porkaone. Nowadays the internet is not an expensive thing, almost everyone uses it every day, every hour and even every minute. It's so easy to access the internet, that most people forget the security of their data. The internet has a lot to offer, if we enter the wrong room or provide the wrong data, we will pick up losses.

There are many ways to use the internet safely, such as using incognito mode on the browser or logging in only to sites that have been certified halal, er, that means certified safe. Or you can use a VPN, what is a VPN, and what are the benefits? Here I review a little for you

VPN (virtual Private Network)

VPN (virtual private network) is a private network built on the internet network that allows users to send and receive data securely and encrypted.

History began in 1996, at that time Microsoft employees discovered PPTP (point to point tunneling protocol) which is a secure protocol that allows other employees to access the internet to their office safely and effectively. Like creating a military internet network, VPN was originally made for companies only and not intended for individuals. Companies need a secure network to connect offices that are far apart. VPN provides the answer to this problem.

VPN Advantages

1. Free IP Switching

Usually VPN users can freely choose the VPN server used to access the internet. When you use a VPN, it is the VPN server IP that will be detected and your ISP's IP protected and will not be exposed. One of the benefits is that you can avoid advertisements that use the location of the internet IP.

2. Avoiding Crack and Roca Threats Against Hotspots

One of the benefits of a VPN is the protection of data and credentials from third parties or criminals when we access public hotspots or free hotspots. data sent via WPA2 is very vulnerable to leaks when exploited with special techniques. These special techniques are Krack and Roca, Krack can intercept wifi users' data that is secured using WPA2 without knowing the encryption key, while Roca has the ability to extract private keys only by knowing the public key.

3. Can Break Blocks Made in an Area

If you are in an area that blocks several sites, one way you can apply is to access these sites using a VPN. And what you need to know is that you should still comply with the laws that exist in the region or country. There may be sanctions for people who manage to enter sites that have been blocked by the government.

4. Identity Protection

The last advantage of a VPN is anonymity, your profile data will be protected because it uses another IP or an IP that is disguised, usually using an IP from another region or country. The real IP that we use will not be detected.

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