Tools for Analysis of Competitor Website Development

Hello everyone, back again at porkaone Have you ever been curious about the technology used by a website?, or have you ever wanted to know how long a website has been around? or hosting services, website owners, website rankings, or the performance of a website?. If you are looking for it all this is the right article.

In times like today, web programmers, web developers, and web masters have made it very easy through tools on the internet, and all of them are provided free of charge. For me, these tools really help me in analyzing the technology used by competitors, analyzing and developing the market, or to maintain the security of my own website.


This tool serves to analyze what technologies are used by a website. Starting from the programming language used, servers, analysis tools, advertising networks, web frameworks, CMS, javascript libraries and many more that can be identified by Wappanalyzer.

I try to analyze what technology is in my blog. It turns out that the blogger platform uses the Java and Python programming languages. Using the Google Adsense advertising network, the analytical tools used are google analytics, the web server used is OpenGSE, uses Jquery and Lazy.js for the java script library, facebook and google+ widgets and does not use a web framework. Wappanalyzer is available as an add-on extension for Bowser, you can see a tutorial on Adding Wappanalyzer Extension for Google Chrome here

In addition to being able to see what technology is used by a website, Wappanalyzer also provides market leader data reports for each particular category. For the web framework category, currently bootstrap is the most popular with a 53.2% percentage, then there is Microsoft ASP.Net with a 26.3% percentage, then there is ruby ​​on rail, laravel, google web toolkit, Express, Codeigniter and so on. you can check it from the following link


Tools that function to check detailed performance reports on the results of a website. This tool is provided free of charge, to analyze the Pagespeed and YSlow score of the page, the total page size and the time it takes to load the page. Then below it are pagespeed, YSlow, Waterfall, Timings, Video, complete history with an explanation of recommendations, values, types and priorities.

From the picture above, it is explained that the page score is good or equivalent to B, then the YSlow score is E, then the time it takes to load the page is 3.6s, and 1.15MB is the total page size. All these values ​​are obtained from the calculation of the report below.

By knowing the performance of a website, especially our website, we can fix what is lacking so that it makes our website load feel long, the length of website loading will also determine the level of satisfaction of a visitor, if a website is loaded too long it will reduce the interest of visitors. And this will be very detrimental to our business.

Alexa Pagerank

This tool provides information about the ranking of a website based on the amount of traffic that enters the website. Alexa pagerank also provides data on top sites starting from rank 1, such as the data below. The picture below is a website ranking based on Indonesia, it turns out that the website is ranked 1 in the tribune, then there is Google, YouTube,, Bukalapak, and This ranking can change at any time depending on the improvement of each respective website.

alexa page rank, based on country


This tool serves to check information from a domain, starting from what the domain name was when the domain was registered, when it expired, when was it last updated, domain status, domain name servers and many more.

Those are some tools that you can use to find out information about your competitor's website. Hopefully it's useful, see you in the next article.

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