What is Difference Between Cache & Cookies, How They Work, & What are the Benefits of Both?

Hello everyone, back again at porkaone. This time we will discuss what is the difference between cache and cookies, how they work, and what are the benefits of both?. Come on, follow the explanation below.

What is Browser Cache?

Cache (in Indonesian: cache) is a temporary data storage mechanism on the computer. Usually the data stored is data that is often accessed by the user. This data will be useful to speed up the loading of websites that we have visited. So that the browser load can display the website faster.

How Does Browser Cache Work?

Actually the way the cache works is simple, every page that we open will be automatically saved by the browser if our browser cache is activated. The simplest way is to look at the way a website is presented by the browser. Say you open a website for the first time in the Google Chrome browser, then the request for the site you want to open is accepted and processed by the server, then the web page you request is displayed in the form of an HTML file on your computer screen. If the browser cache is enabled, the computer will automatically save the HTML file. The next time you want to re-access the website, the website will load faster because the server doesn't need to convert to HTML, because the computer has already saved the existing data.

What is the Function of Browser Cache?

the function or purpose of the cache itself is to speed up website loading, the cache will store data such as HTML, CSS, JS and images, so that websites that we have opened are loaded in a faster time than the first time we open them. The point is, the cache reduces the load time of the webiste that we have opened before.

What are Cookies?

send you automatic login when logging into facebook without writing username and password? or have you ever visited a website and the website remembers the settings you have set before? if yes, it's all because cookies work. Cookies and cache are both stored in computer memory. In simple terms cookies contain your activity / track record while surfing a website.

How Do Cookies Work?

how cookies work the same as cache. The difference is, the cache is usually not defined by the user such as filling in usernames, passwords, autofill, and other activities. The cache will only store HTML, CSS, JS, and images so that later when the website is reloaded it doesn't take a long time. While cookies are usually settings that have been determined by the user, in the form of input and activity.

What is the Function of Cookies?

With cookies the user does not need to remember the username and password to login on a website, but did you know that cookies can not only store usernames and passwords?
  • Save login information
  • Save website settings, for example: you visit a website that offers English and Indonesian in its settings, then you select Indonesian and exit the website. Automatically the settings will be saved on the computer and if you access the site again, the site will automatically display Indonesian
  • Displaying advertisements that are in accordance with visitor activities, the website will automatically provide relevant advertisements according to the activities you do
  • Offer recommended articles, posts, items, or videos. You are also usually offered videos when you open youtube, that is also because of the use of cookies. Or if you are looking for items in an online store, when you return to the online store you will be automatically recommended with the items you usually look for.

Browser Cache and Cookies Questions

  • Q : Why doesn't my website change, even though I have made changes?
  • A : That's because cache, cache saves your webiste files before you change your website.
  • S : You can solve this problem by clearing the cache in your browser. Or if your website uses wordpress you can use plugins such as: WP super cache, and W3 Total cache
  • Q : Are Cookies safe?
  • A : Cookies cannot transfer malware or viruses, because the data does not change, its use is safe under normal conditions, but be careful because this is the internet
  • S : do not give personal data to websites that are not clear, especially if the browser has warned that the website you are visiting contains viruses and malware. Or you can check suspicious domains like facebook.blogspot.com.

  • Q : Does the cache need to be cleared?
  • A : the answer is yes, because the cache takes up memory space. The more web pages you use, the more storage space you have on your computer. In addition, in some cases the cache will display old web pages even though the website we are visiting has been modified/updated.
  • S : clear your cache periodically, usually the cache clearing settings together with the history and cookies deletion settings.

That's a brief explanation of what cache is and what cookies are. Both are very useful for the user but also have some problems. Some countries even regulate the use of caches and cookies, such as in the European Union. Enough, so many articles from me, hopefully useful for all of us.

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