3 Reasons Why You Should Write Articles on the Internet

3 Reasons Why You Should Write Articles on the Internet
3 Reasons Why You Should Write Articles on the Internet. Hello everyone, back at porkaone, this discussion is quite different from the previous discussions, if you were not initially interested in writing articles on the internet, try to stop by this article and read until the end of the discussion. These 3 reasons are indeed reasons that I concluded myself, but these 3 reasons will be very important for your career and future, want to know what the 3 reasons are?. Read the full article below.

Writing has become a habit of great people from ancient times, they make books not only to channel the knowledge they have, but also so that they will always be remembered by history, because by writing you will not be forgotten by history, your book will always be read by generations after you. Like the following quote:

People can be smart as high as the sky. But as long as he doesn't write, he will be lost in society and history. -Pramoedya Ananta Toer

With the advancement of technology, the way of writing has shifted. Initially humans wrote on stone then on paper until finally humans could write digitally using computers. Even though it doesn't feel the same as writing on paper, it will still be the reason why you should write. The point of this article is about: typing articles on the internet, so it's not handwriting.

Remembered by History

As I mentioned above. Your writing will be read by people after you. It doesn't matter if you are a smart person but never write. Because names can be lost in history while writing can't. I think this also applies to articles written on the internet, you need to create your own personal blog, write in good, useful and original writing, of course, and make as many articles on the internet as possible so that people will see your writing and benefit from it. .

Although not the same as writing on paper, but this is something you can do if you feel like making a book takes a long time. Moreover, today's digital children are very happy to write stories, statuses, experiences, and various other writings on the internet. Instead of writing something that is not clear, how about writing useful articles on your respective personal blogs?. Indirectly this becomes your internet history, permanent for good.


We can make a lot of things into a portfolio, one of which is a blog. Make an interesting blog with good and useful writing, then attach it to your CV. If you are diligent in writing and these views are an added value for you to apply for a job, you can make it on the portfolio page by describing your blog as attractively as possible.

In addition to social media, companies will find out who you are on the internet. So try to make articles that are useful, do not contain hate speech, do not contain harsh words, and do not contain other negative things.

If your background is IT and you review a lot of things about technology, it could be that the article you write reflects your experience and skills, so that they are interested in hiring you. The point is whatever your background, make your blog ecosystem as good as possible, because people can see who you are from the writing you make.

Looking for Money

The last reason is the most rational reason why people want to keep writing, including me. I wasn't interested in writing articles on the internet at first until I found out that it could pay off. So google adsense is not only on youtube, but also on blogs and android applications. The requirements for displaying google adsense ads on blogs with on youtube are very much different. In my opinion, the terms of advertising on blogs are very easy.
  • ⦿ We don't need to collect subscribers
  • ⦿ Using TLD domains,
  • ⦿ Make 10 - 20 articles
  • ⦿ Do not copy and paste and write carelessly on the internet.
  • ⦿ Views page approximately 1000 per day.
It may be different from the conditions given by Google, but the point is that the above conditions can be a parameter for whether or not our blog is eligible to display ads on the internet. And most importantly, the terms can change at any time depending on Google's policy.

So, how? Is there anything interesting for you to write on the internet? How important it is to each of you and the most interesting is the last reason. It is a cool option to make money on the internet. Hopefully this article was useful, and don't forget to leave your comments below. See you in another interesting article. :)

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