5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress to Develop a Successful Website

Hello everyone, back at porkaone. Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) today. Many people use this CMS because of its complete features and support. Non-IT people don't have to worry about data and coding complexity anymore, because this CMS can meet all your needs. You can create a professional website at a low cost by using WordPress.

According to wappalyzer data as of December 2018, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, with a total market share of 78%, followed by Joomla, Drupal, Wix and others. Wow, almost the entire world population uses this CMS. But why is wordpress so well-liked that it can become king among a sea of ​​other CMS? here are some explanations.

1. Open Source

The open source nature of WordPress is actually not something special, because in general and most CMS are open source, you could say that without the presence of open source, the support for plugin and theme features will be reduced.

Honestly open source is an important trait that must exist in public applications, the first reason for these applications to continue to exist, and the second so that more people can participate to develop wordpress. You can access the wordpress source code and add or remove it.

2. Easy to Use

This CMS is indeed easy to use, every non-IT person can create a professional website with minimum time and cost only through this CMS. For convenience, this CMS supports many languages, including Indonesian.

In terms of installation, it can be installed on a local server with just a few steps. Read the article on how to easily install wordpress on a local server.
Or if you find it difficult to install on a local server or hosting, you can try the wordpress.org version, you can try it for free with the domain name wordpress.com or you can buy a TLD domain.

As I explained above, that you don't need deep knowledge of IT let alone coding. All documentation has been prepared by wordpress, even videos, tutorials and pdfs are widely available on the internet to make it easier for us to learn wordpress.

3. SEO and Mobile Optimization

WordPress has been set up to have good SEO standards. by using wordpress automatically users have resolved various SEO problems.

On some old sites, the page loaded on the smartphone is not responsive, so that the reader is not comfortable with the appearance of the website, the reader has to enlarge the screen to read the small text and zoom out the screen to see the whole page.

If you use wordpress this problem can be solved, wordpress supports mobile optimization, through new themes now you don't need to set the webiste page width to be optimal on all devices, because everything is automatic.

4. There are Many Themes

This goes back to the open source problem, wordpress will not have many themes if there are no developers. But because wordpress is designed to be open source and apparently it has succeeded in attracting the interest of developers to develop various interesting themes, wordpress eventually becomes the CMS with the most themes, you can use various kinds of themes on wordpress from free to paid, for the purpose of online stores, news, or just a personal blog.

5. There are Many Plugins

This is also because it is open source, opensource turns out to make an application better because there is a lot of support from various developers. The standard version of wordpress does not provide a plugin for selling online, but you can add a plugin such as woocommerce to turn a news website into a professional online store, that is an example of a plugin.

In addition to the examples above, there are lots of wordpress plugins that can make our work easier, and these plugins are not necessarily there or as many as other CMS plugins.

How?, is this explanation enough to help you to choose what CMS is good to use to build your website?. There is no reason to refuse to use wordpress, wordpress has supported many features, choices of themes and plugins that you can use to meet the needs of your site. As long as the admin uses wordpress, all admin needs are answered by existing plugins ranging from SEO plugins, page size optimization and so on.

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