How to Add or Custom Paper Sizes in Microsoft Office

Hello everyone, back at porkaone. This time I will share tips & tricks to add paper size in Microsoft Word. And not only F4 size, this article will show you how to add all kinds of paper sizes that don't exist in Microsoft Office yet. For that, let's continue to follow the tutorial at!

Most Microsoft Office does not have F4 paper size, so instead many people use legal paper sizes, even though legal paper sizes are the closest sizes to F4 but still not the same size. As a result, text or images can be cut off because the legal size is larger than the F4 size. Instead of lingering, let's go straight to the main content:

How to Add F4 Paper Size in Microsoft Word

  • 1. Open your respective Microsoft Word, here I am using the 2010 version of Microsoft Word, but the implementation is more or less the same in other versions of Microsoft Word.
  • 2. Press CTRL + P
microsoft word - sahretech
Microsoft Word View

  • 3. Select printer properties select user-defined  write paper name  set paper size  click save  click ok. Watch the step by step in the image below!
Set F4 Paper Size

  • 4. Open Page Layout, then the results will automatically appear as shown below. Then print the document as usual.
menambahkan ukuran F4
Result of adding paper size F4

How easy is not it?. And when you practice this tutorial, the paper size that you have created will automatically appear in all Microsoft Office, so you don't need to repeat the above method for all Microsoft Office that you have.

Ok, that's the tutorial How to quickly Add F4 Paper Size in Microsoft Word. Hopefully useful for all of you. More and less I apologize, and if you have questions, criticisms and suggestions, please leave a comment below. See you next time 😁

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