How to Easily Delete Thousands of Broken Links on Blogger

How to Easily Delete Thousands of Broken Links on Blogger
Hello everyone, back again at porkaone. Well on this occasion we will share tips and tricks on how to easily find and remove broken links in blogger. Curious?, let's follow the tutorial below.

Broken Link

Broken link, or broken link, is a term used to denote a link that cannot be found. Usually we will find a 404 not found error message when accessing the link, but it is not limited to only a 404 error, it could be a 400 bad request error, bad host, bad url, etc. And things like this are certainly very uncomfortable for users. These links can come from within the blog or from outside our blog.

This can happen because of 2 things, firstly because of a typo when entering a link or the link has been deleted by the owner. The place can be in the article or in the comments.

In addition to making users uncomfortable, this also makes the blog not SEO frendly, and has an impact on decreasing the blog's reputation in search engines. So how do you get rid of the broken link? If there are a lot of articles, I'm tired of looking for them one by one. Relax, let's follow the method below.

Easy Ways to Delete Thousands of Broken Links on Blogger

1. Please open the following link,
2. Then enter your blog address in the form as shown below, then click the find broken links button
cek broken link sahretech
Broken Link Checker

3. Then the image will appear as below. Please enter the security code, then select report distinct broken links only. Then click find broken links now.
cek broken link sahretech
Broken Link Checker

4. Wait for the analysis process to complete. When finished, an image like the one below will appear.
Broken Link Checker Result


The image is the result of an analysis conducted on the sahretech blog. The data is presented in tabular form. You can check pages that contain broken links by pressing the url button in the page where found column. And if you want to see the broken link directly, please click the src button.

Server response, is the response given by the server when you access a broken link. Click the link in the server response column to see the types of problematic links.
A few tips, if you find a broken link like this then it is in the comments column. If you look at it at first glance it may not be a problem, it becomes a problem when the profile is clicked, when you click it, the error you get is 404.

Deleting Links in Articles

Click the url button in the table of results that you get. Then go to your blogger dashboard and look for articles that contain broken links. Then open and delete the link using the blogger editor

Deleting Links in Comments

Click the url button in the table of results that you get. Then go to the blogger dashboard and look for comments that refer to that url. Then delete the comment permanently.

If the comments are not permanently deleted, the broken links will still appear, because only the comments are deleted, while the broken links are in the profile.

If your blog initially decreased, maybe this could be the cause. Please check your blog regularly, and if a broken link is found, it will be removed immediately and hopefully your blog's reputation will increase, views and income will also increase.

A few tips and tricks on how to easily delete thousands of broken links on blogger. Hopefully useful, more or less I apologize. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments column below and let's discuss together. See you in another cool tutorial.

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