How to Find Out the Wifi Password on Windows When You Forget it

How to Find Out the Wifi Password on Windows When You Forget it
Hello everyone, back at porkaone. Well on this occasion I will share tips and tricks on how to find out the wifi password on the Windows operating system when you forget it. How?, let's follow the following tips.

Once connected, usually people will forget the password for the hotspot network that is used, because usually once connected, all configurations will be saved, including the password for the hotspot network, so users do not need to enter the password repeatedly every time they want to connect to the internet. But things like this can be inconvenient if you have to reset the wifi configuration on your windows computer, so you need to reconnect it and enter the hotspot network password again.

But don't worry, when you forget, you can use this method to find out the hotspot network password on a Windows computer or laptop.

Windows How to Find Wifi Password on Windows

1. Press windows + R
2. Type CMD in the search field then click ok
3. In the CMD window that appears, type the following command netsh wlan show profiles then press enter then a list of hotspot networks that have been connected to your computer will appear

how to find out wifi password

4. Next, you just have to choose which network you want to check. type the following command in CMD netsh wlan show profiles "Redmi Note 9" key=clear. Redmi Note 9 is my preferred network.

Detail informasi jaringan

How easy is it, right?, in addition to passwords, you can also see other detailed information obtained from the selected network.

A few articles on how to find out the wifi password on windows when you forget it. Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you. If there is anything you want to ask, please leave your questions in the comments column below and let's discuss it together. See you in another fun tutorial.

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