How to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word

How to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word
Hello everyone, back at porkaone. Well in this tutorial article I will explain to you how to remove the red line under the word in Microsoft word.

The red line on Ms. Word functions to detect whether there are wrong words or typos when you type, but sometimes these lines will still appear even if your writing is correct, this is because the language setting in Ms. Your word is in English, while what you type is Indonesian

That is the function of the red line in Ms. Words. Alright, maybe some of you feel that these guide lines are annoying, even though the lines don't appear when you print them out, you feel uncomfortable and maybe they can interfere with your writing concentration. If you are among the people who are bothered by this, and confused about how to deactivate the red line, Ms. Word, then this is the right post for your problem.

Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word

In this article I use the version of Ms. Word 2010. It may be slightly different in the steps. But it doesn't matter, because usually there aren't many things that are different, or if there are some things that are different maybe you can find similarities.
  1. First open Ms. Word, maybe you can write a few sentences in it
  2. Go to File → options → proofing
  3. To remove the red line, you can uncheck the check seplling as yout type, and to remove the green line, you can uncheck the mar gamma errors as you type. And to return it, all you have to do is check the list again
  4. Then click ok and the guideline will disappear.
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Remove Red Line in Ms. Word

That's how to remove the red line in Microsoft Word. Hopefully useful, if you have any questions related to the article above, please leave your comments below. See you in another interesting article. 

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