Tips for Safe Surfing on the Internet Without Leaving Traces.

Tips for Safe Surfing on the Internet Without Leaving Traces.
Unlike the criminals who always hide their digital footprints. Good people also have to be careful and always be aware of their data on the internet. The reason is, this data can be used by bad people to commit fraud and other activities with material purposes.

Not only being abused, everyone also needs to be aware of what they do on the internet, be careful not to spread hate, be careful not to spread hoax news, and always be vigilant not to spread negative things. Because one day, when you become a public figure, a preacher, a politician, or even just an ordinary person, other people will use your history to attack you.

Most of the website access is done through a browser. But do you know there is a safe way that can be done so that when surfing the internet does not leave traces. Here are some ways:

Using Private Mode

The easiest way to keep track of your track record in the browser is to use private mode which is now supported by most of the popular browsers. For example on Google Chrome, Chrome provides a private mode known as incognito mode. This private mode is not the default mode. So when the browser is running, it will always use normal mode. Private mode can be accessed after the browser is started and when the user wants to open a new browser window or tab.

The way to run it is very easy, you just click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then select New incognito windows to open a new window. And the display is usually dark, which means that private mode is on.

incognito mode - sahretech
Mode private (Incognito Mode)

Using Tor Browser

There is also a web browser that is always designed to always use private mode, namely the Tor Browser. Tor browser is not just a private browser, but a browser that also runs on the Tor system.

tor browser - sahretech
Tor Browser

The Tor system will provide protection to its users by bouncing communication transmissions around a distributed network run by volunteers in various parts of the world. With this protection, other people will not be able to see your internet connection by studying the sites you visit. The sites you visit also cannot know your physical location directly.

Even when you maximize the size of the Tor browser window, the browser will give a warning that an enlarged screen size can be used by certain parties to detect your location. therefore this browser will advise its users to always use the default window size.

Using a Web Proxy

Just like the methods above, a web proxy also functions to trick your location when you enter certain sites and bypass blocked sites. A web proxy is a connection service that gives you secure access to the intended sites. You can search for it online on the internet by typing web proxy in the search box.

web proxy - sahretech
Web Proxy

Although using a private network, I'm not 100% sure that when surfing in private mode, we don't leave any traces at all. But, I always advise to stay alert. Well, that's all Tips for Safe Surfing on the Internet Without Leaving Traces. Hopefully it will be useful for all of you, more or less I apologize, if you have questions, criticisms, and suggestions, please leave them in the comments column below. See you next time :)

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