5 Safe and Accurate Alternatives to Search Engines Other Than Google

5 Safe and Accurate Alternatives to Search Engines Other Than Google

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. Well on this occasion I will explain to all of you, alternative search engines or search engines other than Google which are certainly safe and accurate. Curious?, let's follow in full below.

A search engine or search engine is a system for finding information from any web indexed by search engines. In general, the results or output displayed are in the form of a list sorted according to relevance, ranking, visitor ratio, SEO level, and other parameters.

The most popular search engine today is Google. More than half of the world's population uses Google to find the information they need. Currently Google is very smart, every year there is always an algorithm update that makes it smarter and understands the wishes of users.

In fact, there are lots of search engines other than Google that we can use. However, not all of them have the accuracy and security as good or at least close to google. Although rare, but there are still search engines that have advantages and can compete with other search engines, even Google. So what search engine is it?, have we ever known and used it?. The answer is, maybe yes, maybe no. Let's follow the following discussion.

Alternative Search Engines Other Than Google

1. Bing.com

The first is bing.com. Bing was launched on June 1, 2009, which was previously known as live search or MSN search. Even though it's been quite a while, Bing is still less popular than Google. But for the quality of search accuracy and security, this search engine can be relied on, one reason is because this search engine is made by a large company, namely Microsoft.

Bing also has many similar features like Google, you can search for information such as text, documents, images, videos, news and maps quickly, accurately and safely, of course. Not only features that are quite capable, Bing also has an elegant and modern interface, so users can be more interested in using it. As for its own market share, Bing occupies the second position after Google with 5.56% gains according to statista.com in June 2021.

5 alternatif mesin pencari selain google

2. Yahoo.com

Next there is yahoo.com. This search engine is even older than Google. Yahoo was founded in 1995 while Google only existed 3 years later, namely 1998. At that time, Yahoo became one of the most popular search engines, and even became a competitor to Google in the realm of search engines. But the more here yahoo has decreased so that its users are decreasing.

For its own market share, Yahoo occupies the 3rd position after Bing. with a gain of 2.71% according to statista.com in June 2021. For its own features, yahoo has more or less the same features as other search engines, but has a different name. Its features are: yahoo search, yahoo image, yahoo video, yahoo local, yahoo news, and yahoo shopping search.

In addition to search engines, yahoo also has various other services such as yahoo mail and yahoo messenger for social media and communication. While content services, yahoo provides products such as yahoo sports, yahoo finance, yahoo music, yahoo movies, yahoo news, yahoo answers and yahoo games.

5 alternatif mesin pencari selain google

3. Ask.com

Next up is ask.com. This search engine used to be a website or a question and answer forum. Then ask.com finally transformed into a search engine that is currently quite widely used. Ask is a list of search engines that you can use to search for accurate and safe data.

The thing that can't be doubted about the ability of ask is the search and mature technology in it. Because if we look at age and experience, ask has been around since 1996 and is one of the oldest search engines that still exist today.

5 mesin pencari alternatif selain google

4. Duckduckgo.com

Next up is duckduckgo.com. This one search engine is worth considering using apart from the list of search engines mentioned above. This search engine is known for security and privacy. Duckduckgo does not collect or collect any data inputted by its users and they highly value that privacy.

Duckduckgo mentions that they do not store cookies and search history of their users and they also say that the data will not be sold to advertisers. This is the advantage that duckduckgo offers to users, where most search engines use users' personal data to trade with advertisers.

Apart from privacy, of course, the accuracy and relevance of the search cannot be doubted. Because duckduckgo has been around since 2008. Duckduck go also provides an attractive appearance, so even for beginners it won't be a problem when you first try this search engine.

5 alternatif mesin pencari selain google

5. Yandex.com

The last one is yandex.com. This search engine made by the Russian state was founded in 1997 which means, Yandex is not a new player in the realm of search engines. The presence of Yandex aims to help businesses and consumers in digital business share better online and offline.

Yandex works like a search engine in general, this search engine collects user data such as keywords entered and browsing history. It aims to increase the relevance and desire of users. So over time Yandex can continue to grow and develop by continuing to understand the intentions of its users.

Yandex is quite popular in European countries close to Russia, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. For its own market share, Yandex became the 5th most popular search engine after Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu in June 2021 according to statista.com

5 alternatif mesin pencari selain google

Those are 5 alternative search engines besides Google that are safe and accurate. Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you, if anyone wants to ask, please leave your questions in the comments column below, and let's discuss it together. That's all and see you in other technology articles.

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