7 Important Factors That Affect Google Ranking

7 Important Factors That Affect Google Ranking

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. There are more than 200 things that affect the ranking of a website in google search. This is the reason why it is difficult for a website to appear on the Google search page. However, this is done so that competition between websites is fairer and as an effort by Google to improve relevant search results.

But don't worry, you don't have to fulfill all of these things to rank first or at least appear on the first page of Google search. Because these 200 factors have different weights or values.

7 Important Factors in Google Ranking

Google Algorithm will always be updated and perfected. Therefore, things that factor into Google rankings may change at any time according to the policy of the applicable algorithm. Therefore, you should just focus on things that are really important, such as SEO optimization. What are these important factors, the following is a list and an explanation:

1. Quality content

Content is king, because with content a website can continue to live. The more content that is produced, the greater the chance that your website will be visited by netizens.

But not just a lot of content. The content you write must also be of high quality so that it can benefit the readers. Another benefit of quality content is that it can increase rankings in search engines, because this will also make it easier for Google to sort a website according to its level of relevance.

2. Backlinks

Backlinks or in Indonesian backlinks are links to your own website that are posted on other people's websites. The more backlinks, the more your website will be trusted by search engines, and this can be used as the basis for improving your website in search engines for the many references provided by other sites.

The way backlinks work is quite simple, initially Google will crawl a site, if there is a backlink in it then Google will also crawl the site. We can call backlinks as recommendations, the more sites that recommend your site, the better it will be in search.

You can find backlinks for free or paid. For free ones, you can write articles on open platforms such as kompasiana or medium then don't forget to put your website link. While you can get paid backlinks by collaborating with well-known websites or directly buying them in the backlink market.

Also pay attention to look for quality backlinks, quality backlinks are backlinks that come from websites that have a good reputation and have the same niche as your website.

3. Website Speed

Website speed is very important to note, because who is not upset about waiting too long for a web to load. Users don't want to wait too long, they want an answer as soon as possible, a website should be able to load in under 5 seconds, and show what's important first.

The cause of a slow website is because the content displayed is too much, such as images with too high a resolution or loading videos from other websites. Make an attractive website but don't forget about website performance. You can see how well your website speed on the internet by using this tool https://gtmetrix.com/.

4. Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, smart phones have become an inseparable part of modern human life. In fact, most website traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, Google implemented a new algorithm in 2018, namely Priority Index for Mobile, which will give more value to websites that are more comfortable when used on small devices.

The purpose of mobile friendly is that the website is not cluttered when accessed via cellphone, the website also does not need to be enlarged to see small writing or minimized to see a wider section. In terms of web design this is called responsive.

You don't need to worry about this, most templates already support responsive features, both templates for wordpress or blogger.

5. Domain Authority

It can be said that domain authority is one of Google's ways to evaluate the reputation and experience of a website on the topic being discussed. In other words, the greater the value (0-100), the more Google will believe that the website is of quality.

If the domain authority value of a website has a high value, then the search results will also be high. Domain authority is the easiest way to find out how well your website is in the eyes of search engines. To see how big the reputation of your website is, you can use the following tools. https://www.checkmoz.com/

6. Keyword Optimization

People search for something on Google with certain keywords or keywords. Therefore, it is normal for keywords to be a factor affecting the ranking of a website on Google. You also need to make sure that the published content is optimized by targeting the right keywords.

This keyword optimization is also known as on page SEO. Where you don't just include keywords in the content. But also in descriptions, images, title labels and many places within a content.

7. User Experience

User experience (UX) is a term to understand how users interact with your website. This is studied to see how easy or how comfortable they are using your website.

So you have to understand whether the color selection on your website is correct and doesn't bother the eye, or whether the navigation menu that you put makes it easier or difficult for them to find page categories, or whether there are features that you didn't create that made it difficult for users. All of these things must also be taken into account and of course enter into Google's assessment.

Just like mobile friendly, you don't have to worry about UX problems. Almost all modern website templates today have good UX for users. So you just have to choose the template that suits your taste.

A few short articles about important factors that can affect google ranking. Hopefully useful, if you have any questions, please leave your message in the comments column below. See you in another interesting article.

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