Understanding Jingling, Its Characteristics and Dangers for Your Website

Understanding Jingling, Its Characteristics and Dangers for Your Website

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. Every website owner wants their website to be famous and visited by hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors every day. This means that the more visitors, the greater the opportunity to make money from the website.

But to get a lot of visitors is not easy, it takes a long process, it takes consistency, promotion, and always provides the best products to users, of course. Finally, some website owners take another way, namely using jingling to get visitors instantly. For those who don't know, they will definitely be wondering what is jingling?, and what impact does it have on our website?. We will answer all these questions in the article below.

Understanding Jingling

Jingling is a Chinese word meaning jingle. This word is usually used to describe the sound of metal or metal falling. Meanwhile, in the world of internet marketing, jingling is a bot or autovisitor that comes in large numbers at certain times. Jingling is also included in the non-organic visitor category, where the visitor is not a human but a robot accessing it.

Before being widely used as a term, Jingling was originally an auto visitor software which came from China and was introduced in 2008. You can download the official application from the following link http://www.spiritsoft.cn/ or click the following link to download English version http://www.ipts.com/

The main function of jingling is to manipulate visitors, how it works, this application will collect all random IPs from various countries and then all collected IPs will be used to visit certain sites.

pengertian dan bahaya jingling
Software jingling

Characteristics of Blogs Affected by Jingling

You can use this jingling yourself or use it by others to attack your blog or website. If you use jingling to increase visitors to your blog or personal website, it seems impossible considering the results are bad and not profitable at all. But if jingling is used by other people to attack your blog or website then the following are the characteristics:

1. Visitors or visitors have increased dramatically than usual in a short time, even though you are not optimizing or conducting advertising campaigns to social media or advertising services. If this happens to your blog or website, don't be proud, it could be bots or jingling.

2. Visitors come from various countries such as China and America. Whereas on normal days blog or website visitors come from Indonesia or other countries. This is also something to watch out for while still paying attention to the first point.

3. Usually this increase in visits is only on certain pages or articles. You can check more about the statistics of your blog or website and compare the visitors on one page to another.

4. Engagment does not increase. Jingling will not comment, give likes, share or other activities other than accessing certain pages. If the number of your visitors explodes, then at least some of those visitors will do that. If not, this could be a sign that your blog or website has been visited by jingling bots.

The Danger of Jingling for Websites

Every website owner wants his website to grow and be visited by many people, but it's not easy. So finally some of them try to use auto visitors to increase website rankings in the eyes of search engines. So even though the engagement is 0, the website will automatically rank up and it will be easier to find in search engines.

If you still think like that, it means you haven't updated, jingling technology is out of date. Google is smarter and understands which websites have organic visitors and websites that only use auto visitors. The following is the impact that will be received if you use jingling:

1. Detected As Spam or Junk Site

As I mentioned above, the use of jingling is no longer relevant today. Unless it is used to take down a competitor's website. Google always develops its algorithm to find out if the website is problematic or not. Instead of increasing website rankings, Google actually stamps your website as spam. As a result, your website is increasingly difficult to find on the search page.

2. Banned from Google Adsense

If your goal is Google Adsense, then don't expect Google to cooperate with your website. Let alone for cooperation, Google will also disconnect or terminate advertising services on your website if it is indicated to have violated.

3. Risk of being removed from Google from Search

This is the worst impact if you continue to violate, not only are you eliminated from the google adsense service, but your website will also not be found in search engines. But that doesn't mean your website is removed from the internet, when you access your website's url address, you can still open it, it's just that your website is no longer indexed in search engines so that anyone can't find it, unless they type the web url directly.

So this article, about the meaning and dangers of jingling for your website. Hopefully enlightening, if there is something you want to ask, please leave your message in the comments column below this post. See you in other porkaone articles and tutorials.

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