5 Best Freelance Sites in the World, Try it Now!

5 Best Freelance Sites in the World, Try it Now!

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. Getting a job is sometimes the hardest thing for some people. Those of you who have been jobseekers must have understood the challenges of finding a job, especially during a pandemic like now.

Obstacles such as mass layoffs have prevented job seekers from participating in the selection process for the recruitment of new employees. Because many regions have restricted entry into the territory. Due to this, many jobseekers have turned into freelancers.

The term freelancer is known as a freelancer or independent worker who has no attachment to the employer. Here are 5 of the best Freelance sites in the world that are often used as references for jobseekers.

1. Upwork

This American freelancer was originally called Elance-oDesk. But in 2015 it changed its name to Upwork Global inc. The number of freelancers has reached 12 million people and its clients have reached 5 million people. Upwork provides at least 3 million freelance jobs every year. Job offers at Upwork also vary, from short-term projects to long-term and difficult projects with an hourly contract payment system to contract per project. However, Upwork specializes in software and digital marketing only.

5 situs freelance terbaik dunia

2. Guru

Guru or originally named eMoonlighter.com was formed in 1998 and is based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, America. Guru had a new idea which they named SmartMatch technology in 2002 where this technology would match the data in the resume with the job desired by the freelancer. Special techniques from industrial and organizational psychology are used on this website to understand the nature and be able to place freelancers with the right jobs, such as marketing, sales, writers, translators to design. There are 3 million users of this website. The better the freelancer's review, the more sought after by clients.

guru.com situs freelance terbaik dunia

3. Toptal

This bona fide website has the criteria for top 3% freelancers who are selected and are entitled to get a job in just 2 days of searching. Due to strict selection, Toptal only contains people with high flying hours in their field. The jobs offered range from software development, designers, finance consultants and product managers. Toptal user companies include Shoopify, Airbnb, Duolingo, Bridgestone, USC etc.

toptal.com situs freelance terbaik dunia

4. Peopleper Hour

Originating in the UK, People per Hour was formed in 2007 and became the UK's first freelance website. It has nearly 3 million users and has earned £137m from freelancers. The types of jobs offered include asset management, 3D printing, Facebook consultants to translators.


5. Fiverr

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel and formed in 2010, Fiverr offers jobs such as graphic designer, programmer, video editor, writer to translator. The average salary paid to freelancers listed on this site is an initial rate of USD 5, and increases with the number of Gigs. Gigs is a service offered on this website.

Fiverr's growth tends to be very fast. From 2011 the addition of transactions reached 600% and in 2012 this website has provided 1.3 million jobs and made Fiverr the website that is in the Top 100 most popular in America. Even in 2013 managed to enter the Top 200 most popular websites in the world.


That's our discussion this time, for all of you jobseekers or freelancers, keep your spirits up. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you, if you have any questions, please ask them directly in the comments column below. See you in another interesting article. :D

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