5 Most Wanted Jobs in Big Data Era

5 Most Wanted Jobs in Big Data Era

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. This is the era of big data, an era that makes data on human activities in cyberspace the most important thing for the sustainability of the company's business. So what is meant by big data? Understanding Big data is a term for massive data, both structured and unstructured data that can be used by companies as a basis for information to be used as a reference for better business strategies.

By mastering big data, a company can win the competition even if it does not have adequate offline infrastructure, for example the ability of ride-hailing companies such as uber to utilize big data regarding the needs of transportation users, even though these two online transportation companies do not have enough money to start. transportation business, they have succeeded in shifting transportation companies that have been operating for decades in Indonesia.

Likewise with other startup companies such as e-commerce, which with their digital sophistication are able to take over transactions for various retail businesses that have businesses in various cities in the country. The conclusion is that their success occurs because these technology-based startup companies understand the concept of maximizing the data of potential users scattered in cyberspace. How about you?, are you all ready to contribute in today's growing digital market?.

5 Job Prospects in the Big Data Era

There are five capabilities that are most needed by companies in the era of big data like today. These five capabilities are very important in maximizing the company's progress by utilizing existing big data.

big data
Big Data

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a person who is responsible for processing data, and interpreting it into various forms of information needed by various parties, especially management in making decisions. Those who want to wrestle in this field, must understand programming, mathematics, and statistics.

2. Data Engineer

If a data scientist is responsible for processing data, on the other hand a data engineer is responsible for developing computer algorithms in order to improve accessibility to data, especially unstructured data from big data. As for data engineers, they must be able to design good data structures for a system.

The goal is that the data stored is not easy to redundant or duplicate data, besides that the structure must be really lean so that no space is wasted and so that the application can continue to run optimally. In addition to being required to have the ability to program algorithms, database systems, programming languages, data engineers are also required to have responsibility for the company's data system infrastructure.

3. Data Analyst

Data analysts are those who are responsible for analyzing which data can be used by the company for business purposes now and in the future. A data analyst is required to have the ability to process qualified data, so that they can display data that can be understood by other staff and top level management. Skills or abilities in terms of mathematics, statistics, logic and programming skills are the main keys if you want to become a data analyst.

4. Data Architect

If the data engineer is closely related to infrastructure and data programming systems, the data architect focuses more on the design aspects of the database and its access system. It can be said that this data architect holds the core database system owned by the company.

The data architect also has a role in designing and testing database prototypes that are more efficient, fast, rigid, reliable and of course realtime. The skills needed in addition to database management skills are also related to data programming.

5. Database Administrator

The database administrator functions to manage company data, and determines the role of data access settings for each managerial level in the company. This is intended to ensure that company data can only be accessed by fields or staff who do have responsibility for a data.

Database administrators must ensure that the database can always be accessed and reliable, they are required to have knowledge of programming and database management systems.

From the five types of jobs in the big data era above, we can conclude that programming skills are one of the most needed skills in the big data world. In order to compete in this big data era, we can learn updated programming tutorials or take programming courses to improve our programming skills.

That's the discussion this time about the 5 Most Wanted Jobs in the current Big Data Era. May be useful. See you in another cool and interesting article. :D

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