5 Online Meeting Applications You Can Use For Free

5 Online Meeting Applications You Can Use For Free

Hello everyone, back again at saharetech. You can use the following 5 online meeting applications for free! Let's find out which one is the best and safest solution for your special video conference.

Because of the recommendation for social distancing by the government, the majority of companies apply the WFH (work from home) rules which require their employees to work only from home. Automatically, the need for online meeting applications is increasing. Because for presentations and meetings that must be done in person, it can only be done through an online meeting application.

So, on this occasion, Mimin wants to discuss the 5 best video meeting or video conferencing applications that are suitable for meeting your remote meeting needs. Let's follow the following.


Having 45 minutes of free usage, you are certainly very familiar with this video conferencing platform. Zoom is also supported by many of the best features for business and academic purposes. But unfortunately news broke that some time ago there was a chat data leak on Zoom that made many users no longer use it.

aplikasi zoom


You must have known Skype long before other video conferencing applications spread like today. Unfortunately Skype is only supported by chat, voice and video conversations in free mode. Meanwhile, for the screen sharing feature and the number of participants, you must be a Skype For Business subscriber.

aplikasi skype untuk meeting

Google Meet

You can use Google's video conferencing application without time limits and it's free of course. But the drawback is that there can be no more than 100 participants, but even if you often have meetings, the old meeting room cannot be opened with the old link, so you need to create a new link again. And the meeting will be hampered if it turns out you forgot to prepare a new link first.

Aplikasi Google Meet
Google Meet

Blue Jeans

Different advantages from other platforms are offered by the Blue Jeans video conferencing application. Also supported by audio and visuals that are more complete, quality and complex. Can be used for free and without any time limit. However, due to the limited quota of 50 participants per meeting, you must subscribe to a monthly premium package if you want to have a quota of more than 50 participants per meeting.

Aplikasi Meeting BlueJeans

Cisco WebEx

Free video conferencing services are also provided by Cisco WebEx. However, the duration of use is only about 40 minutes and because it emphasizes cloud usage, this application does not have facilities if you want to have a private video conference. You also have to pay for the subscription packages available on Cisco WebEx if you want to use them for a longer duration.

Cisco Webex

Ok, that's the discussion about the 5 best video conferencing applications, I hope this short article is useful and helps those of you who need it. Don't forget to comment and share this article with all of your friends. And see you in other cool and interesting articles. :D

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