7 Weird Xiaomi Products that People May Not Know

7 Weird Xiaomi Products that People May Not Know

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. Xiaomi cellphones may be the favorite of many people because they are cheap but with the best quality. The Chinese brand is also known for its other 'smart device' ecosystem. Weird products made by xiaomi have been developed and marketed in China, and Xiaomi is currently expanding the ecosystem to India and countries in Europe.

Items that are quirky to very useful, were created by Xiaomi without many people knowing. On this occasion, I will review some of the products made by xiaomi that are considered strange and rarely people know, what are these products?, let's follow in full below.

1. Soap Dispenser

It seems quite strange that a well-known phone brand like Xiaomi makes soap dispensers. However it is really made by Xiaomi. What makes it interesting is that if a typical soap dispenser has to be pressed, the soap dispenser from Xiaomi uses an infrared based motion detector.

The motion detector is placed under the nozzle, and when the user brings his hand closer, it will automatically dispense soap. Wrapped in an elegant design and a simple way of working, this tool is a smart gadget that is worth having.

Xiaomi Dispenser Sabun
Xiaomi Soap Dispenser, source: nookkindle.ru

2. Infrared Water Faucet

You must have a smart water faucet from Xiaomi if you want to apply a smart kitchen in your home. This smart device made by Xiaomi also has an infrared sensor that can detect hands and can control the water that comes out.

This water faucet can automatically flow water for three minutes non-stop, but can still be turned off at any time with just a wave of your hand. A very useful solution for those who don't want to hold the faucet back after washing dishes.

keran air infrared xiaomi
Source: maybugs.com

3. Wine Bottle Opener

Next up is the wine bottle opener. Just like the products above, this product is also equipped with intelligence and an elegant appearance. This tool uses a driving motor in it and is able to open a bottle of wine in just 6 seconds. An additional plus, Xiaomi also includes a bottle cap 'stopper' as an alternative to the usual cork stopper.

4. Walkie Talkie

The second generation of this walkie talkie is claimed to be able to reach a distance of 5 km, the Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-Talkie also comes with an FM radio and Bluetooth suitable for those who want to enjoy songs without having to take out their cellphones. Another advanced feature is that it can be connected to a cellphone, so that users can use it to share location or just send short messages, even without a network.

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie
Xiaomi Walkie Talkie, Source: xiaomitoday.it

5. Ninebot Unicycle

Ninebot unicycle is a one-wheeled vehicle with a driving motor, this vehicle can adjust its balance so that the user remains stable when using it. Having a maximum speed of up to 45km per hour with a wheel size of 18 inches makes this vehicle quite tough on various terrains.

In one battery charge, this vehicle can cover up to 90km of distance, making this tool an alternative to relaxing vehicles that you can use every day. However, Xiaomi says that the Unicycle's safe speed limit should be at 20km per hour.

Xiaomi Ninebot Unicycle
Xiaomi Ninebo, Source: igeekphone.com

6. Mijia Balance Wheel

For several years Xiaomi has invested in developing urban friendly devices and the Mijia Balance Wheel is one of its vehicles. Armed with a pair of roller-blade wheels, the Mijia Balance Wheel can go up to 12km per hour.

Balance is something that must be mastered when using it because this tool does not have a foot fastener. Having a carrying capacity of up to 100kg and a travel duration of around 45 minutes, the Mijia Balance Wheel can be a pretty good solution for short distance trips.

Mijia Balance Wheel
Mijia Balance Wheel, Source: aliexpress.com

7. Universal Translator

Xiaomi has also created an interesting smart device that Star Trek fans might want to own. It's a universal translator called “Xiaomi Mijia”, it looks like a smartphone but with lots of microphones and a camera on the back.

This smart device has a screen size of 4.1 inches and can be used to display text that has been translated into the target language in real time. Mijia is claimed to be able to support more than 18 languages ​​to be translated. As an added bonus, Mijia can also be used as a portable hotspot.

xiaomi universal translator
Xiaomi Universal Translator, Source: androidauthority.com

Those were some interesting reviews about strange and quirky products from Xiaomi that not many people know about. The products above may not be officially available in the Indonesian market, and if you want to have them you can easily find them on the official Xiaomi website or overseas marketplaces. I hope this article is useful.

So this article is about 7 strange products from Xiaomi that maybe many people don't know. Please share with your friends, and see you in other cool and interesting articles.

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