9 Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates Collection

9 Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates Collection

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. An attractive UI is one of the main components in user convenience in using the application. But sometimes the appearance or UI becomes the main obstacle in delivering applications to users.

Many programmers can create great functions and logic, but sometimes there are also some display problems. The reason may be that they are not proficient in using design tools, CSS, UI frameworks or simply aren't intuitive enough or have a passion for design, so creating a UI (front end) takes longer than creating functions and logic (back end).

But now you don't have to worry because, many UI programmers are giving their work to use for free. There are lots of landing page templates using bootstrap that are super responsive, attractive, and modern, you can use these templates from paid to free ones.

Ok, according to the title, so here I will provide a free landing page template reference that you can use to facilitate the development of your web project. What are the templates?, let's see the list below!.

Free Bootstrap Landing Page Template Collection

1. Impact

Impact is a multi-purpose landing page template that you can use for various promotional purposes. Can be used as a company profile website or agency website, can be used as promotional media such as selling applications or real products and other business promotion models. Details and template download: https://www.creative-tim.com/product/impact-design-system?_ga=2.45933219.640914778.1619884614-168038180.1615453826

bootstrap landing page gratis
Impact template

In my opinion, the features offered are quite complete, starting from the models that are often displayed on websites in general, such as the home menu, pricing, about, contact us, testimonials, galleries and so on. Not to forget, Impact offers complete components such as buttons, icons, avatars, tables and much more. Impact offers complete, minimalist features with modern colors.\

2. Awesome Landing Pages

Awesome landing page is a template intended for application promotion purposes. Even so, you can still try it for other purposes. The awesome landing page was created by the creative team, which is the developer who also created the impact template. Details and template download: https://www.creative-tim.com/product/awesome-landing-page

template bootstrap gratis
Awesome landing page template

Oh yes, there are a few things I want to notice here, namely the awesome landing page has 5 colors and 3 different landing page examples, all of which you can use according to your taste. Even though it feels simple and simple, I believe this template is quite good from a UX side. This template is perfect for those of you who want to create a no-nonsense landing page with a myriad of confusing features.

3. Bootslander

Bootslander, is a modern and elegant template, very suitable for application promotion, startup companies, hosting promotions, IT service promotions, or other promotions. Bootslander is very easy to use and customize, each section is commented to make it easier for users to create the desired section. Details and template download: https://bootstrapmade.com/bootslander-free-bootstrap-landing-page-template/

template bootstrap gratis
Bootslander template

In terms of features, Bootslander offers quite complete features where there are examples of about, examples of feature descriptions, galleries, price tables, dropdown menu models and contacts. Don't miss cool animations that make your website look more professional. You can use this template for free or paid. And available bootstrap version 4 and 5.

4. Arsha

Furthermore, there is the arsha template, this template has a purpose similar to bootslander, namely sales or promotion in the IT field, in terms of completeness, arsha has the same features as bootslander, where there are examples of about, feature descriptions, pricing tables, dropdown menus, and contact us. Details and template download: https://bootstrapmade.com/arsha-free-bootstrap-html-template-corporate/

template bootstrap gratis
Arsha template

Arsha has a unique part with a neat appearance on the right and left. Having an icon or several illustration designs that is enough to help you in presenting products in 2D, with this illustration you can also save time not to redesign the illustration. You can use this template for free and paid, and bootstrap version 4 and version 5 are available.

5. Lumia

Need a template that looks more formal and can be used for any type of website? Lumia template is the solution. Lumia is made by the same developer as arsha and bootslander, namely bootsrapmade. Where it is already using bootstrap 5. For features, this template is quite complete with menus and sections that are almost the same as other multi-purpose templates. Details and template download: https://bootstrapmade.com/lumia-bootstrap-business-template/#download

template bootstrap gratis
Lumia template

6. Freelancers

Freelancer is a portfolio template for novice designers, where this template is perfect for those of you who want to learn the bootstrap framework from the ground up and want to implement it in a simple way. In terms of appearance, this template is quite good with modern color combinations. Details and template download: https://startbootstrap.com/theme/freelancer

template bootstrap gratis
Freelancar template

7. Open Enterprise

Open Enterprise is a responsive and minimalist multipurpose template, made with bootstrap 5 and html 5. It has some great features such as hero header, on-hover effect, footer navigation, service section, testimonials, contributor section and many other features. Because it's already using bootstrap 5, this template is perfect for those of you who don't use jquery anymore. Details and template download: https://themewagon.com/themes/free-bootstrap-5-html5-business-corporate-websites-template-open-enterprise/

kumpulan template bootstrap gratis
Open enterprise template

8. Executive

Need a school promotion template?, executive template is the answer. The executive template offers a minimalist design with several features including events section, service section, testimonial section, hero header, carousel, and others. And already using bootstrap version 5, so for those of you who don't use jquery anymore, this template is perfect for use. Details and template download: https://themewagon.com/themes/free-bootstrap-5-html5-academic-website-template-executive/

bootstrap template gratis
Executive template

9. Ogani

Then there is the ogany template, in terms of purpose, ogani is designed for e-commerce or buying and selling websites. Even though the demo image is vegetables, you can still customize it to sell whatever you want. Details and template download: https://themewagon.com/themes/free-bootstrap-4-html5-responsive-ecommerce-website-template-ogani/

template gratis bootstrap
Ogani template

Ogani supports responsive design, so that when users access the application via a smartphone, it will look just as good as the desktop version. It has several features that are quite needed, namely preloader, product grid, carousel and others.

That's an article about a collection of free bootstrap landing page templates. Hopefully this article is useful, if you have any questions, please leave your message in the comments column below this post, and let's discuss it together. See you in other cool tutorials and articles.

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