Not Always Sweet, Here Are 5 Bad Impacts of Technological Advances

Not Always Sweet, Here Are 5 Bad Impacts of Technological Advances

Hi everybody. welcome back at porkaone. Don't you feel that something that used to feel so complicated but now becomes easier and more practical? This is the positive side of a technological advancement. And most people would find it very helpful with the conveniences produced by technology.

But have you ever thought that behind a technological advance there is a negative or bad effect on someone? Below we will discuss some of the bad effects of technological advances so that you can be more alert and not be affected even more.

1. Lack of movement = Obesity

It is undeniable that technological advances that facilitate a person's activities can make that person move less often. Not to mention, because technological advances make the work time of something faster, so that a person's opportunity to relax also becomes more.

At first the body must move more to move less. The lack of body movement is what makes a person's risk of obesity become greater.

2. Instant Generation

The convenience offered by technology can also change a person's attitude and character. Before getting to know technology, they were diligent and active people and hard workers. But after the advent of technology they became accustomed to everything that was instantaneous. They use technology to get things done quickly without a lot of process and effort. As a result, if their desires are not in line with expectations, they will most likely feel failed and stressed.

3. Things That Smell "Traditional" Start Shifting

People who are used to struggling with technology usually think that something that seems traditional is old and out of date. In fact, generally something traditional tends to be safer because it is not touched by any technology.

4. Lack of Job Vacancies

With the advancement of technology, businesses will benefit more because the production process becomes faster with the help of machines, but the use of human labor becomes less. Everything that should be done by humans has been replaced by the use of machines, as a result job vacancies are getting less and less and unemployment is increasing.

5. The Abuse of Technology Is Getting Bigger

Technology can be likened to a double-edged sword. One side is beneficial for many people while on the other hand if it is in the wrong hands it will have a bad impact.

Technological advances that are misused will be very dangerous not only for the user himself but on other people and even the surrounding environment and can be fatal.

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