Tools From Google That Are Very Useful And Few People Know

Tools From Google That Are Very Useful And Few People Know

Hello everyone, welcome back to porakone. Google is one of the most popular search engines today, not only that, it is also famous for other innovative products such as android, gmail, youtube and others. These products are very popular all over the world, but did you know that Google also has other products that are also very useful and can support your work or research productivity?

Well, on this occasion, I will discuss some tools that are rarely known by many people, but are very, very helpful. Curious?, let's follow in full below.

1. Google Dataset Search

With the help of the web Google makes it easy for us to find datasets stored on the Web and retrieve information hosted in thousands of repositories across the Web, so that these datasets are universally accessible.

google dataset search
Google dataset search

2. ThinkwithGoogle

If we want to be up-to-date on market research conditions and digital trends with certain topics, this website can be relied on to help us find them through data reports and articles sourced from Google.

Think With Google
Think With Google

3. Google Sustainability

Google's substainability is proof that Google plays a role in increasing awareness of environmental insights related to the condition of our earth. Natural growth such as water, forest, etc. is widely provided by this tool.

Google sustainability
Google Sustainability

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is very useful for those who work in the field of social media specialist, media analyst, web master, SEO master, etc. This tool presents the most popular data searched through search engines based on a keyword at a certain time. The results can be displayed by city, region or language, we can also compare one topic to another.

google trends
Google Trends

5. Google Public Data

You can get public data and forecasts from various international organizations and academic institutions such as the World Bank, OECD, WHO, and many more through this site.

google public data
Google Public Data

6. Google Fonts

Google also provides a special page when we search for fonts without having to search on Pinterest. Although sometimes some can be downloaded and some can't. The designers there can also compare typography through this site.

google fonts
Google fonts

7. Google Fact Check Explorer

This google web search will help us verify every information we get so that we can avoid hoax news.

Google Fact Check Tools
Google Fact Check Tools

8. Google Flight

If you plan to take a vacation by plane, this website is very useful because it can provide information on the cheapest to the most expensive ticket prices and recommend the best flights based on price and convenience such as length of travel time, number of stops or transits and even possible delays.

Google Flight
Google Flight

9. Google Mirror

Behind its innovative products, hidden jokes and hidden messages that you can find. One of them is through google mirror, there are silly things, games, new sensations and other interesting things that you can explore here. For example underwater search, pacman games, thanos snap trick, and many others.

Google Mirror
Google Mirror

10. Quickdraw Google

Quickdraw google seems more suitable and useful for children who are at the stage of learning visualization. On this website, Google provides an image matching game and a word that we must draw and then there is a bot that will answer our image.

Quickdraw google
Quickdraw Google

Actually there are many other tools on google. And there are also some that have been and will be disabled by google. That's it for our article this time about tools from Google that are very useful and rarely people know. May be useful. See you in another cool article

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