What is a Blog, Differences between Blogs & Websites, History and Benefits of Blogs

What is a Blog, Differences between Blogs & Websites, History and Benefits of Blogs

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. On this occasion we will discuss in full what a blog is, the difference between a blog and a website, the general structure of a blog, a brief history of blogs, and the benefits of having a blog. Let's follow the following discussion.


Blog is an online media website that contains content in the form of articles, photos & videos that are managed by one person or several authors simultaneously. Writers or blog managers are usually called bloggers. The theme or discussion of a blog usually focuses on a certain area. For example, lifestyle, finance, health, technology, culinary, etc.

In Indonesia alone, there are many successful bloggers in the blogging world and earn millions or even hundreds of millions of rupiah every month. Among them are Trinity, Sugeng Riyadi, Sasyachi, Iwan Banaran and many more. Apart from being managed individually, blogs are also widely used by organizations or companies to improve the SEO of their main website or to sell their products from the blog platform. There are many features and benefits of blogging that are certainly profitable for businesses.

what blog is?

Difference Between Blog and Website

A website is a collection of online pages that can be accessed via the Internet using a domain or url. Websites often contain information about products or services. Because Most contain information about services or products. So the website is usually static, and very rarely updated both in terms of content and design.

Websites are also commonly used as a portfolio or image of a particular company or organization. People will look for information about a product or service from their website. Meanwhile, in terms of ownership, websites are usually owned by organizations or businesses, not on behalf of individuals or groups of people.

A blog is a type of website that contains content such as articles, which can be in the form of opinions, experiences, tips and knowledge information. In terms of content, blogs have more dynamic content and are usually updated regularly, while websites are more static and rarely updated. It is important to always update the blog with quality content, because it is with content that blogs can continue to live and that also determines the success of a blog.

Examples of blogs: sahretech.com, niagahoster.co.id/blog, blog.bukalapak.com, https://www.tokopedia.com/blog

Blog History

1994: Justin Hall creates a personal online journal under the name links.net. The page is still very simple, just a white background with no pictures.

1997: Jorn Barger introduced the term weblog. Weblog is a combination of web and log which means a record or internet activity. At this stage, the blog already has the latest post feature to the oldest post.

1999: The blog name was popularized by a website designer named Peter Merholz. On his blog, he really likes puns and didn't expect the term blog to have such a big impact and become a term. This year also, blog platforms such as livejournal, blogger, and xanga emerged.

2001: Enda Nasution introduces blogs in Indonesia. His work in the blogging world earned him the nickname "Father of Indonesian Bloggers". On 27 October 2007, he also started a blogging party with other Indonesian bloggers. And finally that date also became a national blogger day.

2003: Google officially takes over or acquires the blogger platform. In the same year, Blogger's competitor, WordPress was also born. Both are easy to use and free

2018: WordPress becomes the most popular blogging platform in use. Wordpress is currently not only used to create blogs, but can also be used to create various types of websites, even buying and selling websites. WordPress currently has a very complete plugin with a large community.

Benefits of Having a Blog

1. Publication Media

In addition to print media, social media, websites, or streaming videos such as YouTube. Blogs can also be used as a publication medium. Those of you who have a hobby of writing with long articles can use blogs as a medium for publishing your stories or experiences.

Even a blog can be a publication medium that is quite effective for promoting writing and even a product if the blog you have is already popular with views that can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands per day. Not infrequently there are also people who will comment or send emails to you to work together to promote the products they have on your blog.

2. Portfolio

In today's modern internet era, anything can be online, including your portfolio. You can create a blog with a variety of posts that match your interests and skills, then create a blank page to accommodate your CV, profile and portfolio.

Or vice versa, when you apply for a job at a company, you can include your blog in your portfolio. Especially if you are already familiar with blogging, then it can be an additional skill and increase your chances of being accepted in a company.

3. As a Media for Notes and Reminders

In addition to publications and online portfolios, you can also use blogs as reminders or notes when you forget. You can fill the blog with notes of experience or knowledge that you know. So when you forget, blogs can become a cheat sheet that you can use at any time.

4. As a Money-Making Media

This is one of the reasons why I want to keep writing on the blog. Blogs can make money by placing ads such as Google Adsense or offering other people's product publication services for a fee that has been mutually agreed upon.

In Indonesia itself, there are many bloggers who have managed to earn tens or even hundreds of millions of money every month just from blogs. So for those of you who have a hobby of writing and at the same time want to earn additional income, a blog can be a platform that you can try.

So this short article about what a blog is, the difference between a blog & a website, a brief history and the benefits of a blog. Hopefully useful, if there is something you want to discuss, please ask directly in the comments column below. See you in other cool and quality articles.

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