What is LAN, MAN, WAN and Their Examples?

Hello everyone, welcome back to porkaone. This time we will study networks, in the discussion of what LAN, MAN, and WAN are and are accompanied by examples. Let's follow in full below.

In computer networks, network types can be distinguished according to the size and width of the coverage area. There are several terms, including: LAN, MAN, and WAN. These three terms are commonly heard by IT students, and even these terms are still discussed in lectures. But what exactly is the explanation of these three terms?, and what are some examples?

LAN(Local Area Network)

LAN stands for local area network, which is a network that connects computers to other computers in the local area or in a not-so-wide area. Such as a house, office building, school building, hospital building or computer laboratory.

Every computer device connected to a LAN network can communicate, exchange data and information, send messages, access or share resources from other computers such as printers.

One computer usually becomes a server and another computer becomes a client, and each connected computer has their own system and access which can later be regulated and limited by the server computer.

Computers that use a LAN network can be connected via ethernet or wireless technology. Wireless on a local network is usually referred to and abbreviated as WLAN, which WLAN stands for wireless local area network, this article we usually encounter on router devices.

Warnet is an example of the use of a LAN network. Each computer will be connected to each other, especially with the main computer or server computer, which is usually operated by the cafe guard.

Ilustration of LAN, source: goominfoteknologi.blogspot.com

MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

MAN stands for metropolitan area network. That is a computer network term that can cover a wider area than a LAN network. This network is a combination of several LAN networks whose distances can reach up to 50 Km. Called a metropolitan because the area that can be reached is as big as a city or region.

An example of the use of a MAN network is, a MAN network is commonly used to connect computer equipment between buildings, such as in office buildings that are still within the same area.

Ilustration of MAN, source: icograms.com

WAN(Wide Area Network)

WAN stands for wide area network. Namely a computer network that is wider than a LAN or MAN. WAN has a wide coverage that can cover a country or even a continent. The construction of a WAN network requires fiber optic cable or using satellites. Due to the wide area coverage, the construction of this network requires a very large cost.

WAN has transmission speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps, internet speed performance can vary according to the terrain, infrastructure and configuration used. An example of using this network is accessing social media such as Facebook. Facebook's servers are in America while we are in Indonesia. To be able to access the Facebook page, we use a WAN network.

Ilustrasi WAN
Ilustration of WAN, source: icograms.com

ok so this short article about the meaning of LAN, MAN, WAN and examples. Hopefully this article is useful. Please ask questions below if you have anything to discuss. See you in other interesting articles and tutorials.

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