What is Operating Systems, Types, and Functions?

What is Operating Systems, Types, and Functions

The terms software and hardware will usually be encountered on a computer. This time what we will discuss is about the understanding of the operating system and its types which incidentally is one part of the software or software. Ok, let's follow the discussion below.

Operating System

OS or known as an operating system is a collection of various computer control programs created by computer manufacturers taking into account the format and functionality of the hardware.

OS is also used to manage all the programs on the computer, it also has the ability to control data storage and manage all running programs from the hardware. Without this operating system, your computer will not be usable because the OS is the place to store all application programs.

In essence, the OS is the link between the hardware and the applications used. With the help of the operating system, camera, ram, storage, keyboard, and other hardware components can function and be used according to the needs of each application.

Types of Computer Operating Systems

There are many types of operating systems made today, but I will only summarize a few operating systems that are popular and often used by the people of the earth. The types will be discussed below:

Microsoft Windows

The majority of computers around the world have programs from the Microsoft Windows operating system. Because the majority of the world's computers use windows, it is easier for people to choose a computer with specifications, brands and prices that suit their needs.

Windows has multitasking and multiuser properties, this makes it very popular with computer users. At the time of writing, Windows has released a version of Windows 11 as the successor of Windows 10 which was launched in 2015.

Another advantage of the Windows operating system is that it supports many types of existing applications, from enterprise to utility applications. Windows is also very friendly with gamers, the choice of games that can be played on this OS is very complete. Gamers will definitely choose Windows OS compared to other OS.

sistem operasi windows 11
Windows 11

LINUX Operating System

Linux is a development operating system from UNIX. Created by Linus Torvalds, a student from Finland in 1991. Linux is open source, so anyone can participate in developing this operating system. And most importantly linux is free, so no need to look for pirated ones. Tools such as terminals with commands that are more complete than competing os, make Linux very friendly to programmers. Linux is also used by many servers in the world, the reason being that it is lighter and immune to viruses.

There are also various types of Linux, which are commonly referred to as Linux distributions. Linux distributions are a term for operating systems built using the Linux kernel, for example, Ubuntu, Centos, Kali Linux, and many others.

sistem operasi linux
Linux mint, The Linux Mint teamCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

Linux is also used as the basis for making the Android operating system. So the statement that Linux users are less than Windows is no longer valid now, because nowadays many people use Android smartphones, where Android is built on a Linux kernel.

Unfortunately for ordinary users or Windows users who switch to Linux, they think Linux is more difficult to operate than Windows. The reason is because the way to install applications on linux is difficult, adapting a different UI to windows and not as many applications as on windows are available.

Mac OS

Mac OS stands for Macintosh Operating System, a GUI-based operating system released by the Apple Computer company in 1984. At that time, Mac OS technology was considered the most sophisticated and up-to-date. But unfortunately mac os is only available on mac devices, this is also what makes mac os users far less than windows.

Mac Os Big Sur
BigSur, Apple Inc.CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Even so, mac os has many advantages, many people call it a middle operating system between windows and linux. This operating system is also known for its beautiful, exclusive UI and many other luxurious features that we don't find in its competing os.

Another advantage, Mac OS is recommended for developers and designers. Integrated with other apple products, easy to use and secure against attacks such as malware built on UNIX systems.

Because it is only available on mac devices, then you have to buy a mac or macbook device. And to have a mac or macbook you need to reach a deeper pocket than a computer with a windows or linux os.

Operating System Functions

Below are some of the functions of the operating system, including the following:

1. As a hardware controller on the computer

2. Can run basic commands on a computer

3. Can organize and organize various applications

4. Can translate Program languages ​​for interface functions (Graphic user interface / GUI)

5. Can optimize computer devices

That's it for our article this time about the understanding of the operating system, its types, and the functions of the operating system. Hopefully it can be useful and add insight to all of you. See you in another cool tech and computer article. :D

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