What is Woocommerce?, and What Are the Benefits for Selling Online

What is Woocommerce?, and What Are the Benefits for Selling Online

Hello everyone, welcome back at porkaone. Do you want to create an online store website but don't know how to do it? Your Circle will most likely recommend WooCommerce for you to use. Curious about what WooCommerce is and what its benefits are, let's take a look.

WooCommerce is an online store plugin that can be considered special. When compared to other online store website builder services, WooCommerce is quite superior.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an online store plugin that can be used for free on the WordPress platform. If you use WooCommerce, then you can turn your website into an online selling booth. It is even equipped with shopping features such as a basket, payment gateway, courier options and more.

This is what causes about 3.8 million online stores such as bookstores, magazines and even donation agencies choose to use WooCommerce (Barn2, 2021). Woocommerce can support various online store models with easy configuration. 3 Pros of using woocommerce:

⦿ WordPress users who want to develop an online store website easily but still professionally.

⦿ Companies that want to build e-commerce quickly and free of custom themselves.

⦿ Entrepreneurs who need complete control over transactions on their online store website.

7 Benefits of WooCommerce

1. Suitable For Any Product

It doesn't matter what type of product you have, whether it's a physical product such as clothes, books, shoes, etc. or services or digital products such as ebooks, hotel bookings, online restaurants, freelance and others, everything will be facilitated by WooCommerce. At the initial stage of the installation, you will be asked about the business field and what type of product you want to sell. Then WooCommerce will match the settings for you.

Sell of lots products

2. Provides Complete and Professional Features

It's really troublesome if you have to make an online store website starting from scratch, right? Relax, let WooCommerce take care of it. You see, a variety of useful feature options that can make it easier for visitors to shop, or that can help merchants to manage transactions have been provided by this plugin.

Examples of features provided by WooCommerce are: Product catalog, Payment gateway, Shopping cart, Courier selection, Order management, Discount coupons, Sales reports, etc. So even if your understanding of coding is minimal, you can still create an online store professionally.

Have lots of Features

3. Mobile Friendly

Online stores are required to have a mobile-friendly website. The main reason is because currently mobile commerce is not just a trend but has become a necessity. WooCommerce also provides a mobile-friendly site design that will make visitors who access the web via smartphones feel comfortable and easy when using online store features. Statista used to predict that in 2021 m-commerce sales could reach $3.56 trillion.

4. Strict Security

As an online store owner, you must be questioning the security of WooCommerce, and whether your consumer data and transactions are guaranteed. Don't worry, WooCommerce is committed to always improving its protection. This plugin is known to be diligent in releasing the latest version with a tighter security system.

As for consumer data, WooCommerce creates its own database to secure your consumer data. Which means that the potential for data leakage tends to be minimized. But you are also required not to be careless, because foreign cyber attacks are still a threat. For even tighter security, you should choose a quality hosting and install SSL.

5. Can Measure Store Performance

WooCommerce is useful not only for selling but also for facilitating business development. The trick, you can monitor the performance of the store based on the data analytics that you get.

You can see sales data such as turnover, items sold, items sold through promos and others through this tool. The data you receive is the key to evaluating performance which will result in future business strategies. So that your business can progress.

6. Designed for WordPress

Because WooCommerce is a plugin made specifically for WordPress users, CMS or other Content Management Systems cannot use this function. Both the way it works and the choice of theme design can be directly applied to the website because it is specifically designed for wordpress.

WordPress is also the CMS with the most users so it is not impossible that anyone who has basic WordPress is very familiar with how to develop it. After all, the large number of WordPress users means that the CMS can be trusted and reliable. And if there are security problems or errors there will be a solution as soon as possible. Are you calmer?

Integrated with Wordpress, source: wordpress.org

7. Easy to Customize

Free custom site itself is also an advantage of WooCommerce. There are approximately 400 extensions for online stores and you can freely choose which one is suitable for your website needs. Examples such as LiveChat, Free Gift, Paypal, Shipping and many more. You are also freed by WooCommerce to do custom AJAX websites.

AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a technique for creating dynamic websites, which means the website is able to update and display new data from the server without having to reload. This means that the right to manage web development is in your power.

WooCommerce also prepares complete documentation for each version so the information is richer too. Thanks to this convenience, your online store will become more unique because the website has different features from other merchants.

8. Great Community

WooComerce has its own community of around 32 thousand members even though it doesn't have customer support yet and spreads in various parts of the world. What's more exciting is that there are many discussion events such as WooComerce Live. So you can interact with other users and share information with each other and get solutions as well as connections so that you can continue to develop your online store.

Ok, that's our article this time about What is Woocommerce?, and What are the Advantages for Selling Online. Hopefully useful, give your feedback in the comments column below, and don't forget to share this article as much as possible. Bye and see you.

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