10 Most Dangerous and Deadly Poisons in the World, Must Not Try!

Toxins are the most toxic chemical compounds and cause death effects. So it is often used as a weapon for the purpose of mass murder. Poison is also known as a means of suicide because it causes death in just a matter of minutes. Below are the 10 deadliest poisons in the world according to the Wired alert

1. Botulinum

Botulinum has a very lethal effect. In one swallow, the botulinum reaction will fail in your nervous system and you will die in excruciating pain.

2. Risin

In just a few hours after ingesting or inhaling poison, the poison effect made from castor seeds will kill you. Your death was preceded by respiratory and organ failure.

3. Anthrax

When your skin is exposed to anthrax, you are at risk of death, especially if you inhale this poison. The initial symptoms of this type of poison poisoning are, you will suffer from a cold that does not go away and then slowly your respiratory system will be damaged.

4. Tetrodotoxin

This poison is present in the organs of puffer fish, and will not disappear even after cooking. You will experience paralysis and death within only six hours from the time you consume this poison. In Japan, there have been at least five cases of death caused by this puffer fish.

5. Cyanide

This type of poison is very easy to make because nature has provided it naturally. Cyanide is found in almonds, apple seeds, apricot kernels, tobacco smoke, pesticides, insecticides and many others. The effects of Cyanide are seizures, heart attacks to death in a matter of minutes. Cyanide is also widely used by killers to immobilize their victims. The speed of the reaction also depends on the dose used.

6. Mercury

Low levels of mercury are less toxic to adults. But if the vapor is inhaled it will be able to attack the brain and lungs and cause death in the central nervous system.

7. Strychnine

Death from exposure to this poison is terrible. You will experience severe spasms in every muscle of your body, and after exhaustion, you will slowly die.

8. Sarin

Sarin, which was originally only synthetically used as a pesticide, turned out to be the most deadly poison in the world. In fact, the effect is hundreds of times that of cyanide. When sarin is inhaled, your mouth will immediately foam and then coma and eventually die.

9. Amatoxin

When exposed to this poison, you will remain conscious but suffer excruciating pain due to severe damage to your liver and kidneys. Then you slowly go into a coma and then die.

10. Compound 1080

This type of poison has no smell and taste but can be dissolved in water and is known as animal poison. The process of death from this poison is quite fast but painful. The reason is due to an obstacle in the metabolism of your body's cells.

Ok, that's our article this time about the 10 deadliest poisons in the world. Hopefully useful, if you have any questions please ask in the comments column. That is all and thank you.

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