Get to know Google Founder, Google History and Interesting Facts

For those of you who are used to surfing the internet, you must be familiar with the most popular and most used search engine, so who else if not Google. Whatever information you need, it's as if it's already available on Google and you can get it in a relatively short time but still relevant.

Google also often presents related search results from the main keywords entered. Surely this will help you get more references in connection with the information you are looking for. But, have you ever thought and wondered who was the real founder of Google? And how is the manufacturing process and its development until now?

So that you are not curious and can also add insight, this article will discuss the history of the founder of Google. Let's see.

Who are the Founders of Google?

Don't think that Google has become one of the most popular search engines in the world from the start. Because in reality, Google also takes a long time to be able to continue to grow. Google is a testament to the success of hard work, a high entrepreneurial spirit and also the fortune and luck of the owner for sure.

Google Founder
Joi Ito from Inbamura, Japan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Google was founded by two brilliant men namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At that time, both of them were postgraduate doctoral students at Stanford University, California, United States.

The two met in 1995 and was the forerunner of the founding of Google in the future. A year later, in 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin agreed to work together and build the first search engine called Back Rub. Giving this name is obtained from an algorithm in which the algorithm forms a ranking based on the number of backlinks from a page or website.

Larry and Sergey first time and for a year to make this search engine by utilizing a server available at Stanford university. As time went on, precisely in September 1997 the name of the search engine was changed and then registered to and officially 1997 became the founding of Google.

In 1998, exactly a year after Google was officially registered, Larry started launching a monthly newsletter. The bulletin that contains various information about the company he owns is called the Google Friend Newsletter. In the end, this newsletter became the one that caused Google's fame to begin to rise.

At the beginning of their appearance, Larry and Sergey received an injection of investment funds from the Sun Microsystem company worth 13 billion rupiah or around US$ 100 thousand. But both of them were still focused on creating a search engine. Gradually, Google then transformed into a large company and has a variety of products. Currently, there are most of these Google products that we can enjoy for free.

Google Developments You Need to Know

The developments experienced by Google are quite significant. Google began to expand its business by producing a variety of diverse services and acquiring other products. Including offering software online. There are several related products offered by Google such as email, Google Forms, Google Drive including Google + which incidentally is a package containing tasks and office applications.

Google Products
Google Products

Not only that, Google has also penetrated into other fields for its expansion. For example, by providing Chrome as a browser that explores the world of the internet. Snap seed is also provided, which is a photo editing application that became a pioneer in developing an operating system for notebooks called Chromebooks. Another interesting development at Google is the production of communication hardware.

Now, Google also has a partnership with a large-scale electronics manufacturer to launch a new device called Nexus. Google also acquired Motorola Mobilty in 2012. Until now, Google continues to develop in various fields. For the search for information itself, Google has managed to process searches of more than 1 billion, a fantastic number, isn't it?

Other Interesting Facts About Google

Behind its success as one of the largest companies in the world, it turns out that Google still has many other interesting facts that we don't expect. This fact may also be used as a point of view from another side to assess the performance of this company. Here are the facts:

1. Google apparently uses the Android operating system purchased from an Andy Rubin who created the android system with his colleagues. In the past, in 2004 Andy Rubin had offered the system to Samsung, but it was rejected because Samsung thought Android did not have good potential.

2. In 1998, at an event called Burning man festival, Google Doodle appeared for the first time and managed to become an attractive icon and successfully became a media campaign or warning on the latest issues happening around the world.

4. When it first appeared as a search engine, Google's information processing capacity was only about 30 to 50 pages, but now Google can process millions of pages in just seconds.

5. More than 450 thousand servers owned by Google are spread almost all over the world, which makes Google's access speed so high.

6. If you look at Google's appearance, which seems very simple and even tends to be minimalist, it's because Sergey didn't have much knowledge related to HTML.

So this article is about Who Founded Google?, Google Developments and Interesting Facts. May be useful. If there is anything that needs to be discussed, please ask directly in the comments column or ask directly on the sahretech fanspage. That is all and thank you.

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