Getting to Know the Enigma Intelligent Machine and Germany's Destruction in World War 2

Getting to Know the Enigma Intelligent Machine and Germany's Destruction in World War 2

Getting to know the Cedas Enigma Machine and the Destruction of Germany in World War 2 Assalamualaikum. See you again in sahreteh, if you often read history, especially the history of world war 2, you may be familiar with this one machine. This machine was a very intelligent machine in its time and became one of the main tools in Hitler's successes in conquering many places in Europe.

During the 2nd world war, this machine caused a lot of trouble for enemies and allies, so if this German puzzle is solved, then Germany will soon meet destruction and be a sign that the 2nd world war will end soon.

Enigma Machine

Enigma comes from the Latin (aenigma) which means puzzle. Enigma is an encoding tool used to encrypt secret messages. Enigma patented by a German engineer named Arthur Scherbius.

Enigma Machine
Enigma Machine

Initially this machine was sold commercially. But in the end this machine is popular and is known as a secret message encoding machine that was sent by nazi soldiers to other nazi soldiers during world war 2. By using this encryption engine, all messages sent are impossible for the enemy to read because they are considered very secure and impossible to translate.

During World War II all German communications depended entirely on this machine. With the help of this intelligent machine, all attack messages, army convoys, enemy coordinates, tank locations, warship locations and other strategies become difficult to know.

Judging from its physical form, the design of the enigma machine is very simple, its shape is similar to a typewriter, only the encoding algorithm is so complex that it is impossible for people to decipher it, even if someone has the machine it doesn't mean he can translate it.

Finally Enigma Solved and Germany Begins to Lose

Location of all warships, tanks and army convoys in and out of the enigma machine. So if the enemy manages to decipher this secret message, it means that the 2nd world war will end soon and Germany will soon meet its destruction.

Before being solved by a research team from England, this enigma machine had already been solved by cryptographers from Poland in 1932 by Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski. But unfortunately Germany knew it and finally Germany redesigned the Enigma in 1939.

Encryptor Machine
Encryptor Enigma Machine

Although it was changed by Germany, in the end the machine was cracked by a team from England without being noticed by Germany. The team managed to crack the Enigma code through a machine designed by Alan Turing.

Told in "The Imitation Game", that Alan Turing was a mathematician who worked for the British government in 1938 on a special mission to solve the secret messages of the Enigma. Alan Turing managed to crack the Enigma cipher with a machine called Turing with the name Machine or Bombe.

After Alan and his team found an enigma translator, they secretly kept the information a secret to maintain security and so that the Germans would not know. Historians also agree that solving the German puzzle has shortened World War 2 to 2 to 3 years faster.

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