Here's the Windows OS Edition That Fails And Users Don't Like

Here's the Windows OS Edition That Fails And Users Don't Like

Hello everyone, back again at porkaone. OS Windows is created in many versions. However, not all versions can be accepted and liked by everyone, or are known as failed products. Especially the 3 Windows OS which we will discuss below:

1. Windows me ( 2000)

This version of Windows is the most failed product compared to the others. The reason is because the interface looks like it's done carelessly and tends to look like old products. Exactly like a 95 or 98 upgrade.

2. Windows Vista (2006)

Actually Windows Vista was created as an OS that is expected to exceed the sophistication of Windows XP. Although all the concepts are exactly the same as XP. Vista's appearance is also much more 3-D and aerodynamic.

However, Vista is considered very complicated because of the many add-ons features such as clock, calendar and other features that are automatically installed and heavy. This is what makes users become bored and finally leave Vista. You could say this Windows Vista is Windows 7 but the bear version.

3. Windows 8 (2012)

It looks advanced and super sophisticated, making users at first very impressed with this Windows 8 desktop design. But after installing the program, users will be immediately disappointed. Because it turns out that this Windows 8 program is useless. Coupled with the fact that Windows 8 is only suitable for use by tab, pad, smartphone or touch screen PC users.

ok so this article is about "This is the Windows OS Edition that Fails And Users Don't Like". Hopefully it will be useful, if there is something you want to discuss, please leave a message in the comments column or discuss directly through the sahretech fanspage. Don't forget to share, thank you so much!

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