Meet Martin Cooper, Inventor of the First Mobile Phone

Meet Martin Cooper, Inventor of the First Mobile Phone

Hello everyone, back again at sahretech. Currently, the majority of people would agree if there is a statement that cellphones (hp) or cellphones are one of the devices that cannot be separated from everyday life. 

Because in reality, both young and old, employees or unemployed definitely need a cellphone. Moreover, with the development of technology, this device is also becoming more sophisticated and equipped with features that make the activities of its users easier. But do you know who is the inventor of the world's first mobile phone? Let's get to know him more closely.

In the years 1972-1973 was Martin Marty Cooper or more familiarly as Martin Cooper, a veteran from the United States who invented the cell phone for the first time. In those years, Cooper and other team members designed and built the first mobile phone.

The man who was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, December 26, 1928, is a graduate of Electrical Engineering in 1950 from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. After graduating from college, Cooper joined the US Navy and served during the Korean war. After the war was over, he then joined a research and development company for communication equipment, namely Teletype Corporation in the United States.

Subsequently, in 1954 Cooper joined forces and started various wireless communication projects such as the manufacture of traffic lights and Motorola's first handheld police radio. His career skyrocketed, and succeeded in making him the vice president and director of research and development for the company from 1978 to 1983.

In 1957, on the sidelines of his work, Cooper also took his master's degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology and earned his master's degree. This is how Cooper got the responsibility for technology development at his company.

Invention of Mobile Phone Ideas

Then, John F Mitchell, a chief engineer from Motorola in the 1970s gave him the responsibility to be in the Carphone division. Along with continuous development, Mitchell and Cooper began to imagine about a communication product that is small and light to be used as a portable communication tool.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper, GS200, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The two of them spent 90 days in 1972 creating the first prototype of the realization of their idea. And the prototype that was created is what eventually became the forerunner of the invention of his first mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Development

In 1973 to be exact on October 17, Cooper and Mitchell filed a patent for the development of the invention of the first cell phone. Then in 1975 the Patent registered under number 3906166 was successfully approved on their behalf.

Subsequently, a product called DynaTac or Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage was born with a weight of 1.1kg and a height of 23 cm. In terms of weight and size, this cellphone is clearly much larger than the size of today's smartphones and can only last for 35 minutes of user communication before the battery runs out.

Martin Cooper
Rico Shen, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although rumors circulating say that this brilliant idea came about after Cooper watched one of the Star Trek characters, namely Captain Kirk, using a communicator. But the issue was dismissed by Cooper, as reported by CBR. Cooper said he had developed cell phone technology long before the Star Trek boom in an interview in 2015.

History then recorded him as the "Father of the Cell Phone for his invention. From decade to decade with various increasingly sophisticated technologies, mobile phones have evolved. Cooper then decided to leave Motorola and create his own company with the name ArrayCom

and started creating more efficient mobile communication tools. In 1995, along with continuous development, Cooper received the communication technology innovation award from the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award.

Thanks to Martin Cooper's invention, he became the pioneer of various sophisticated smartphones in the world which were then equipped with various cutting-edge features, both software and hardware to create a better experience and comfort for the users.

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