Once Popular, These 7 Social Media Users Are Now Abandoned

Once Popular, These 7 Social Media Users Are Now Abandoned

Hello everyone, back again at porkaone. Advances in technology today are very important to support our daily activities. Especially in the field of social media. Thanks to social media, distance is no longer a barrier for someone to communicate even at long distances, you also won't miss the news because of the incessant social media in updating the latest news and information.

Nowadays, you must be very familiar and maybe even addicted to various social media, for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and TikTok. But did you know that before they all existed on social media, there were several other social media that were already popular but currently their existence is no longer in demand by users of the Maya world and some have actually disappeared. Who are they, let's see!

1. BlackBerry messenger

In 2005, before the Android operating system was famous. BlackBerry dominates the Indonesian smartphone universe and has a special chat service called BlackBerry messenger. Each BlackBerry user has a unique PIN that can be shared among other users. You can communicate with many of your family members or friends by creating a group chat in this application. But unfortunately in 2019, BlackBerry messenger was officially closed because it was unable to compete with other, more interesting chat applications.

2. Path

In 2010, Path came to smartphones and is a useful social media for sharing messages and pictures. The uniqueness of this application is, you can share your every moment with 150 other Path user friends. But then Path unilaterally decided to expand the friend limit to 500 people, so many users did not like this policy and decided to move to other social media. Until finally in 2018, precisely in October, Path officially ended its service.


3. Vine

If you now use TikTok to share your videos, back in 2012 Vine was the social media for sharing short videos. Even though it only lasted six seconds, it managed to become a trend in various countries.

Vine is widely used to share comedy videos and animated videos. But then, other social media provide similar features to Vine on their platforms, this makes many Vine users switch directions. Initially, uploading videos were stopped in 2016 and in 2019 the Vine service was officially discontinued.


4. Friendster

Appeared in 2002, Friendster is popular with its users because it can make them tweak their profile page with the help of Cascading Style Sheets or CSS.

However, this social media eventually lost its competitiveness with Facebook, then in 2009 Friendster was acquired by MOL Global and in 2011 tried to become an online game provider site. Until finally, in 2015, the official Friendster site was completely closed.


5. Myspace

Launched in 2003, at that time Myspace became a very famous social media because it managed to get five million users in less than a year.

You can set your profile page uniquely and can also upload your content and photos. But unfortunately again, Facebook has defeated and shifted the popularity of social media, including Myspace. Now apart from being a social media, Myspace also provides news and music player services.

6. Yahoo Messenger

You might think Yahoo is just an email and news service. Whereas in the past Yahoo also provides instant messaging services. With the initial name Yahoo! Pagers in 1998 . But then the Yahoo! This Messenger was closed in 2018 because many users abandoned it because it was less attractive in providing features compared to other chat applications.

Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Messenger

7. Google+

The popularity of Facebook and Twitter made Google finally want to dive into both social media. In 2011, Google finally released a social media called Google+. The service is not much different from similar social media services. But unfortunately, Google+ is rarely in demand by social media users. In the end because of the difficulty of staying in this product at the end of 2018 Google was forced to announce the closure of its services. And a few months later, in 2019, Google+ really officially shuts down.

Google Plus

That's roughly the fate of social media if it is not able to create unique features that can attract someone's interest to use it. These media are judged by users as something ancient, outdated and eventually make its popularity decline. While Facebook, Twitter and other applications can survive because they can provide a variety of interesting features to use.

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