What are the things to do when doing website maintenance?

What are the things to do when doing website maintenance?
For a web master, maintaining or maintaining a website is one of the main and mandatory things that should not be ignored. Website maintenance or maintenance is useful to keep the website working optimally and running according to its function properly. Thanks to advances in digital technology and accompanied by many web hosting providers or website builders, the process of building a website becomes easier and faster.

So that the website you run can be successful, you must know how to maintain a good and correct website. Because no matter how good your website design is, if you neglect to maintain it, you can be sure that over time your website will be damaged and no longer function.

Understanding and Benefits of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of maintaining a website so that we can be sure that the website can run optimally and all website components can run according to their functions and objectives.

Not only appearance or website design is meant by components, but the backend is also the main component that is focused on website maintenance. Website maintenance or website maintenance must be carried out regularly. Depending on the needs of the website itself, it can be done weekly, monthly or every few months.

You can do website maintenance yourself or you can also use the help of plugins or third parties that serve website maintenance. The benefits obtained from routinely conducting Website maintenance on a regular basis are as follows:

1. Protect your website from all cyber crimes or cybercrime and other threats on the internet.

2. if you do frequent maintenance and are always up-to-date with existing web trends, crawler engines will be more likely to index your site on Google.

3. Websites that have a fast response and SEO-friendly design will generally generate more leads and also a conversion rate.

4. Periodic backups of the files on your site will also be carried out by website maintenance. So that your site will be protected from permanent data loss if it is attacked by hackers or an error occurs on the server where you store the website.

5. It's easier for you to find problems that have the potential to damage your site and can quickly resolve them before they get worse.

5 Things to Maintain from the Website

Every website has different needs, but there are some universal ways that can be applied when you are doing website maintenance. For example :

1. Website page speed

One of the main priorities of website maintenance is website page speed. Everyone definitely doesn't feel comfortable waiting for a website page to finish loading.

Slow website pages can also increase your bounce rate percentage, you know. As many as 57% of respondents choose to leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds just for the loading process. A slow website is also not SEO-friendly so it will rank low on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Use a tool like Google PageSpeed ​​Insight or GTMetrix to measure the speed of your website page loading process. If you are a WordPress user, you can also install a page speed plugin that supports for example W3 Cache or WP Rocket.

2. Check all website functions and components

Have you ever tried to open a website but you found a 404 error on the page, you must be very disappointed because it was blocked from opening the website, right?. I hope this doesn't happen to your website. That's the point of website maintenance to anticipate that there will be no damaged components or broken components on your website.

To ensure that all the functions and components on the website run properly, the method is quite simple. Simply by installing the broken link checker plugin, you can fix broken links so that there is no longer a 404 error on your site. The next step is that you must check whether all components have been updated properly. For those of you who don't have time to check one by one, please activate the plugin or auto-update feature available on your CMS Platform.

3. Review the website's SEO performance

SEO is one of the main components of a website. If your SEO quality is good then you can increase your website's ranking on Search Engine Result Pages. The organic traffic your website will get depends on how high you rank on the SERPs. That is why reviewing website SEO performance through website maintenance is very necessary. You can use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to check your site's SEO performance, also to check traffic, backlinks and much more.

4. Review and update website content

Website maintenance is also useful for reviewing and updating content on a website. Especially for those of you who have a side blog on your website. Due to the changing trends on the internet, it is important for you to continue to review and update website content according to relevant trends. By continuing to review and update content, your website's SEO performance will definitely improve.

5. Delete Spam comments

Did you know that if it turns out that spam comments on your website can carry dangerous files such as viruses and malware, hackers often leave comments on a website that has a lot of traffic to find victims or prey via the links shared in the comments.

In order to avoid malware and malicious files, you must get used to deleting spam comments while doing website maintenance. This habit will also make your website visitors avoid the crime of hackers who leave the link.

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