What is Encryption?, Types and Benefits of Using Encryption

What is Encryption?, Types and Benefits of Using Encryption

Hello everyone, back again at porkaone. When you open an online-based messaging application, you will surely find the word encryption. Confused and don't know the meaning of the word encryption, let's follow the explanation of what encryption is, the types and advantages of encryption.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is a process to make a random arrangement of text that can be read by humans (human-readable plaintext) into text that can only be understood and read by the system and cannot be read by humans (incomprehensible text). The resulting text encryption is also known as ciphertext.

Encryption is usually used for securing data in the form of messages or information. The goal is to keep it safe and prevent irresponsible parties from knowing the contents of the messages you send. If there are other irresponsible parties who want to know the contents of your message, then what appears in front of them is just random text that is difficult and incomprehensible.

Don't worry, this only applies to irresponsible parties, while your interlocutor will still see the text exactly as you sent it. Before being sent, your text will go through a process called decryption or decryption. This process is also what converts random text back into plain text or plaintext. Decryption only occurs if you/someone has access to view the encrypted data.

Types of Encryption

There are two types of encryption, namely symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption:

1. Symmetric Encryption

Also known as secret key encryption, this type of encryption uses only one key so that both the sender and the recipient of the message have the exact same or identical key.

This means that both the sender and the system must give the key to whoever has the right to describe the message. Caesar, Blowfish and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) are examples of algorithms that are always used by symmetric encryption.

2. Asymmetric Encryption

This second type is also known as public key encryption. If the symmetric type only uses one key, then asymmetric uses two different keys but still connected. This key is also known as the public key and private key.

Both have different roles, if the public key plays an encryption role, the private key acts as a decryptor. The two keys are created in pairs. Both the sender and the recipient of the information both store a private key in each of their applications. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman or RSA algorithm is used for this asymmetric encryption. End to end encryption is also another name for this type of encryption.

Advantages of Using Encryption

Encryption is very important to apply to any application that has a lot of sensitive data. Encryption is a technique that has been around for a long time and is still being used as a data security method so that data thieves cannot understand the information contained in it. So let alone hackers, even database operators may not know what each encrypted data means.

This is the advantage of encryption, namely when a hacker manages to retrieve data from the application database, they have a new job, namely decrypting the data that has been obtained. The harder the encryption is applied, the more difficult it is for hackers to get the confidential information.

Ok, so this article is about what encryption is, the types and advantages of using encryption. Hopefully it's useful, if you have something to ask, please ask in the comments column below. Thank you and good bye.

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