How to Backup and Restore WordPress Easily

How to Backup and Restore WordPress Easily
Hello everyone, back again at sahretech. On this occasion, we will learn how to easily back up all data on WordPress. Let's follow the tutorial below.
There are many ways we can do to backup and migrate WordPress. From the hard way to the easy way. Fortunately, WordPress contributors have provided a super-sophisticated plugin to back up all data, templates, posts and other configurations on WordPress very easily.

So you don't need to configure WordPress one by one again. Because in addition to time consuming, it is also very complicated to do. You can also make regular backups, so that when a problem occurs, you can use the backup file that has been prepared. That plugin is All in One WP Migration. How to use it ?, follow the steps below.

How to Make Backup Files

1. Enter your respective wordpress dashboard → then click the plugins menu → add new → then search for All in one WP Migration in the search box → after finding it click install now → then click activate

Cara Backup Wordpress sahretech
Install Plugin

2. Click All-in-One WP Migration → click backups → click create backup to create a new backup.

Cara Backup Wordpress Sahretech
Backup File

3. Wait until the backup creation process is complete

Cara Backup Wordpress Sahretech
Backup File

4. Then you can download the backup file that was created

Cara Backup Wordpress Sahretech
Backup File

How to Import or Restore Wordpress

1. Click the all-in-one wp migraton menu → click import → click import from → click file → then look for the backup file that was downloaded earlier

Cara restore wordpress
Restore Wordpress

But if the information appears "Your file exceeds the maximum upload size for this site: 64 MB". This means that you have to increase the size of the uploaded file. Follow the tutorial below

2. Click proceed → wait for the process.

Restore File Wordpress Sahretech
Restore File

3. If the process has been 100% done → click stop import. Changes will occur to everything, such as configurations, posts, themes, users, etc.

How?, easy right. Now you don't have to bother backing up WordPress files and configurations one by one. With this plugin, you don't need to be preoccupied with useless work. Read other wordpress tutorials below.

That's all for this tutorial about how to easily backup and migrate WordPress. Hopefully this short tutorial is useful. If there are problems, please ask directly in the comments column below. That is all and thank you

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