How to Install Google Recaptcha in Wordpress

How to Install Google Recaptcha in Wordpress

Hello everyone, welcome back at porkaone. On this occasion we will learn how to easily add Google recaptcha to all forms in WordPress. Let's follow the full tutorial below.

Captcha is a security feature to prevent spam from occurring on a form on the website, such as a comment form or registration form. Things like this need to be anticipated because it will be very detrimental to website owners, if it becomes more massive it will disrupt the health of the website.

Recaptcha is one of Google's most powerful captcha features. This captcha will really challenge the robot to fill in the form automatically. And luckily Google recaptcha can be integrated with the website we have.

How to Install Recaptcha in Wordpress

1. Login to your wordpress respectively. Then open the plugins menu → add new → then search for reCaptcha by BestWebSoft in the search field → click install now → click activate

cara pasang captcha google

2. After installing the plugin, then we need to get the api key from google recaptcha. This is so that our website can integrate with google recaptcha. Please open the following link

3. How to Fill the Form

  • Label: fill in the name of your website or free
  • Recaptcha type: choose version 3 or version 2, this time we will choose version 2, then select the im not robot checkbox
  • Domains: add your website domain name without using https or port
  • Owners: may use an existing email or add a new email
  • Check the box accept the recaptcha terms of service

cara pasang captcha google sahretech

4. Next you will get the site key and secret key. copy both given keys. We will use both of them in the settings in WordPress later.


5. Return to wordpress → open the recaptcha menu → select recaptcha version 2 → fill in the site key and secret key


6. Scroll down, then turn on recaptcha for comments and select in the recaptcha domain -> scroll down again and click save changes


7. Ok, then try to open one of the existing posts, then scroll down. Then an iam not rebat box will appear as shown below.


Ok, that's all for our tutorial this time about how to add Google recaptcha to WordPress. Hopefully this short article is useful and you can apply it. If there are difficulties, please leave a question in the comments column below. That is all and thank you.

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