How to Turn on the Hotspot Feature in Windows 11

How to Turn on the Hotspot Feature in Windows 11

Hello everyone, welcome back at porkaone. On this occasion, we will share tips on how to easily make Windows 11 a hotspot. Let's follow the tutorial below.

Today there are various ways to share the internet with others. Usually people will turn on the hotspot feature on their smartphones and then other people will connect their smartphones or laptops to the hotspot. But have you ever done the opposite?, namely turning on the hotspot feature on your laptop and sharing the internet with other devices. Maybe this sounds strange.

But if you use windows, this is very doable. Then, what is its function?. Even though various internet connections via smartphones are more practical. You can use this function:

1. When you forget the internet wifi password and you want to connect it to your smartphone or laptop. But at the same time your laptop is connected to the internet. So you can use this feature to connect other devices to your laptop.

2. You don't want other devices to directly connect to the wifi or network used by your laptop. So you can use this feature, make your laptop a hotspot.

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How to Turn on the Hotspot Feature in Windows 11

1. Click start menu / windows icon → then type settings in search

cara membuat hotspot di windows sahretech

2. In the sidebar select internet & network → then select mobile hotspot

cara menghidupkan hotspot windows sahretech

3. Click the toggle in the upper right corner of the screen to turn on the mobile hotspot. Click the edit button to change the SSID name and password used.

cara menghidupkan hotspot sahretech

Now your laptop can share the internet network with other devices. You can also monitor who is connected to your computer

cara membuat hotspot

Ok, that's all for our tutorial this time about how to turn on the hotspot feature on Windows 11. Hopefully these short tips are useful and can be put into practice. If you have questions, please ask directly in the comments column below. That is all and thank you.

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