Fix Wifi Broken Or Not Detected On Windows

Fix Wifi Broken Or Not Detected On Windows

Hello everyone, welcome back at porkaone. On this occasion, we will expand on how to deal with undetected wifi or lost wifi in Windows 11. Read the full tutorial below.

The internet has become a must on every computer or laptop. Currently, almost everyone uses the internet for work, such as looking for references, communicating, exchanging files, or conducting financial transactions. But what if suddenly your laptop or Windows computer doesn't have internet access? Not because the network in your home or office is dead. But because there is a problem with your operating system. Below is an example when wifi is not detected on a computer or laptop. Usually the wifi signal sign will appear next to the Bluetooth icon.

Cara Memperbaiki Wifi yang Rusak di Windows
Wifi Not Available

In some cases, it's not just the wifi that suddenly disappears. Some other issues like camera or speakers not working either. It's not certain that there is damage to the wifi hardware or other hardware, there could be a problem with the system. If this happens, you don't need to worry, you can try following these easy tips to recover hardware that isn't detected on Windows.

How to Fix Wifi Disappearing or Not Detected on Windows

In this example, we are using Windows 11, but you can use the method below on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows.

1. click the windows button → then search for device manager in the search box → then open device manager

Cara Memperbaiki Hardware tidak terdeteksi di windows

2. Then a hardware list will appear as shown below. There are many types of hardware such as monitors, networks, imaging devices and so on.

If you pay attention, there is an exclamation point triangle. This means that the hardware in question is problematic or not detected. So if later your speaker, camera or hardware is not detected, you can open the device manager and look for an exclamation triangle like the one below.

cara memperbaiki hardware tidak terdeteksi

3. Then click on the problematic hardware. Then at the top there is a cross. Click on the cross

Uninstall Hardware

4. Then a popup will appear as shown below. We will uninstall the problematic hardware. Click the uninstall button to carry out the process.

Uninstall Hardware

5. Then click the search button as shown below. This serves to search for hardware that we have removed before.

Find Hardware

6. Next, the wifi hardware will appear as shown below. If there is no exclamation mark then your wifi has been detected. If there is still an exclamation triangle, try repeating it a few more times.

cara memperbaiki wifi windows

If successful, the wifi connection display will appear in the settings box as below. Unfortunately, when reinstalled, you have to reconnect to the existing network and re-enter the password if there is a password.

Cara memperbaiki wifi windows
Final Result

Problems like this very often occur on some friends' Windows laptops. On average, the problem can be solved in the above way. A little extra, the method above may require several repetitions. Or you can try another way, namely by restoring to the previous settings. So many tutorials on how to fix wifi that is not detected on windows. Hopefully useful and see you soon.

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