7 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools, You Must Use them!

7 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools, You Must Use them!

In the ever-growing digital era, the existence of backlinks in the online world is one of the key factors in determining the credibility and ranking of a website. Backlinks not only strengthen the authority of a web page in the eyes of search engines, but also increase visibility and visitor traffic. Therefore, it is important for website owners and online marketers to manage and monitor backlinks carefully. In this article, we'll explore seven of the best Backlink Checker tools that can help you optimize your backlink strategy, improve SEO rankings, and give you a competitive edge in the digital realm.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the most complete digital marketing analysis tool. The features that Ahrefs has are more than enough to provide analytical data that is useful for website optimization. Amazingly, there are 16 trillion website pages that have been crawled which are always updated every 15-30 minutes!. 

You can also check the backlink index in real time on Ahrefs. The way to check is very easy, you only need to go to Ahrefs Site Explorer then enter the link you want to check. Next, you will see backlink data pointing to your site.

You will get data on the top 100 backlinks from the link you are looking for. So you can also see backlinks from competitor domains. Ahrefs also helps you find out traffic from Google searches to backlink pages. This feature is very rare in other backlink checkers.

2. SEMrush

The second best backlink checker tool that is capable of checking backlinks is SEMrush. Because SEMrush actively crawls around 17 billion URLs per day and has analyzed more than 33 trillion backlinks. 

To use this tool, you are required to create an account. After that, you only need to type the domain name that you want to check in SEMrush's Backlink Analysis.Then, you will see data like below.

The data provided by SEMrush is fairly complete. It can be seen in the detailed analysis table for each backlink. In fact, SEMrush also has other backlink features. Such as, Backlink Audit, Link Building Tool, and Backlink Gap. You can use everything to maximize your backlink process.

3. UberSuggest

The third backlink checker that we recommend is UberSuggest from neilpatel.com. The method is very easy because you can directly check backlinks in UberSuggest Backlink Checker, as shown in the image below. But of course, you are asked to sign up to get more complete data.

4. Moz Pro

If you want complete features and in-depth data, maybe Moz Pro which has data on 40 trillion backlinks could be an option. You just need to type the domain name you want to search for in Link Research. Then, you will be asked to sign up and, voila! You will be met with data like below.

Moz Pro also provides a Link Intersect feature to compare backlinks on your website with five competitor websites at once. So, you can find out competitors' backlinks that you don't have.

5. OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler lets you check and analyze backlinks for free. After entering the URL of the domain you want to check in OpenLinkProfiler, you will be presented with a display like this.

At the top of the screen, you will see the total number of backlinks and the number of domains leading to the website. This data is supported by a backlink details table at the bottom of the screen. 

There is a Link Influence Score which shows the quality of the backlink. Complete with the dofollow or nofollow backlink type, as well as the backlink text and target link.

6. BuzzSumo

The next tool is BuzzSumo which can analyze the content of your website and also your competitors. Before using it, you must sign up first. Next, you can check backlinks easily, just click Content and select Backlink, then enter the URL you want to check.

You can set filters to search for backlinks on your website. There are four filters that can be searched, namely, Past Year, Domains, Target links to exact page, All results per domain. BuzzSumo provides unique data than others, namely social media engagement data for your website content. Such as, Facebook engagement, Twitter shares, and others.

7. LinkMiner

In seventh place, there is LinkMiner as an alternative that you can use. This backlink checker from Mangools can be a solution with a minimal budget. After creating an account, you can type the URL you want to check on the dashboard in the Backlink Analysis menu and you will get a display like the one below.

In the report above, you can set data options including All, New (new backlinks) and Lost (lost backlinks). You can also activate filters to view Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks, as well as Active or Deleted backlinks.

Managing backlinks is no longer just an option, but a necessity in an effort to improve website performance and visibility. By using the best Backlink Checker tools discussed above, you can effectively monitor and manage your site's backlink footprint. As search engine algorithm changes continue to develop, the right backlink policy can be the key to success in facing increasingly fierce online competition. Don't hesitate to choose the tool that suits your needs and continue to hone your backlink strategy to achieve sustainable excellence in this dynamic digital world.

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